Building the Hybrid PMO Workshop Series (Atlanta)

September 8-9, 2015 | Atlanta

Join us for our two-day workshop series to help you redefine your PMO and become more business driven, agile and effective! (And earn some PDUs in the process!) Session 1 is "Ready-to-Apply Examples of Business-Driven PMO Success" with Mark Price Perry, who assists with business-driven PMO setup and management; Session 2 is "Deliver Benefits that Matter--From Start to Finish" with Andy Jordan, who helps you succeed by managing the portfolio lifecycle with ideas through to benefits realization; and Session 3 presents "The Impact that Agile can have on a PMO" with Dave Prior, who helps you harmonize project management and agile. Session 4 is an open-space meeting that tackles "Redefining the PMO: Issues, Opportunities, and Breakthrough Thinking". Join us in Atlanta, or one of our upcoming stops in San Francisco and Scottsdale. Attendance is limited, so sign up today!


Knowledge Shelf

Being Ethical is Profitable

by Alankar Karpe

Ethics, as a term, is often misunderstood and some companies falsely believe that being ethical is an expensive practice that causes the organization to forego profits. This article explains why being ethical is a good long-term growth strategy that can command a premium from customers and help your company outpace competitors.

The Implementation of Risk Management

by Rodrigo Santamarina, PMP

Risk management allows a company to strike a balance where growth and related risks are in line with the strategy and objectives of the company. In order for these processes to function efficiently and effectively, there must be enterprise-wide commitment and involvement in day-to-day risk management activities. Properly implemented, risk management can immediately add value to your company.

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PM for Paradigm Shift in Business Management

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Muhammad Aslam Mirza

Growing complexity and increasing dependencies of global volatile economies are making it difficult for businesses to effectively pursue their strategic advancement and achieve goals. The emergent market challenges have driven a paradigm shift in business management where the advancement needs focus on efficient implementation of change that leads to strategic direction. 

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The Critical Path

Community Updates

from The Critical Path posted by Rebecca Braglio on

I'm excited to announce that we've been able to implement a few of suggestions from the community on how we can improve the experience.  So far: We've m ...

Spotlight On: Innovation

Don’t Hire a Chief Innovation Officer

by Braden Kelley

One of the dangers of putting people in charge of innovation is that unless you carefully craft the positions and communicate their place and purpose across the organization, you can leave people feeling that innovation is not their job.

Spotlight On: IT Strategy

Hot IT Jobs for 2015

by Michael Wood

After years of wage stagnation, it looks like 2015 is promising to be a great year for those in the IT jobs market. There are great opportunities out there as hot technologies are creating new opportunities. Here is an update on what the hot IT jobs are shaping up to be over this and the next few years.

Topic Teasers

Topic Teasers Vol. 61: Taming Team Testiness

by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP

Question: With more teams (some agile and some waterfall), more customer and management involvement, and younger workers who are not as subservient to position power, the team landscape in my department has become a minefield. It’s not just the project manager or ScrumMaster who needs to know how to tame the conflicts--it’s each and every one of us. Short of major psychotherapy sessions, how do we start?
A. Complaining and unhappiness are a necessary part of working with other people. If it happens to you, just back down and you can vent your frustration at home tonight. Addressing conflict at work is unhealthy and will derail your career.
B. There are some simple techniques and verbal steps you can learn so that you are prepared to soothe troubled relationships regardless of whether it’s colleague to colleague, team member to customer or manager to employee. Study them.
C. Ask the Human Resources department to arrange for a counselor to come into the department and work with all the employees. The ones that really need it won’t realize it’s for them, and the rest of the people who don’t need it may find something they can use at home.
D. Go online and download a series of positive posters, sayings and cartoons to post in your workspace to lighten the atmosphere. If people can identify with one of the printouts, they may realize how they look to others and stop their disruptive behavior.
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