Does PM Have a Future? And What is It?

by Mark Mullaly, PMP

Project management practices themselves haven't evolved much since the 1950s. In attempting to divine the future of project management, then, it's helpful to assess a few of the fundamental underlying trends that have been observed in project management, and what they mean for how it may evolve in the future.


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Bullying at Work: An Ethical and Leadership Dilemma for all Project Managers

by Paul Pelletier, LL.B., PMP

Employers are becoming more acutely aware of the human, legal, ethical and financial costs associated with workplace bullying. In order to directly and proactively address this issue, project managers and their organizations need to take action. Learn about sources of information and tools available to assist in this endeavor along with a selection of proactive tips.

Project Management Planning: Strengthening the First Line of Defense against Project Failure

by K. Venkatachaliah Babu, PMP

Project management planning is one of the critical components of managing projects and the first line of defense against project failures. The author presents a template for developing an effective project management approach by considering the project’s unique characteristics, identifying project “hot spots” and adopting methods (tools and techniques) suitable to the unique nature of the project at hand.

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Coffee Corner - Becoming an Unanchored Project Manager

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

This is the first in a series of Coffee Corner sessions - less formal interactive discussions on a topic of interest to a member of the INPD leadership community. In our first Coffee Corner, Michael Huber will lead a discussion on Becoming an Unanchored Project Manager. In our global world of virtual teams, where you are while managing projects is not always crucial. So...why not work from fun locations? By being in attractive locations (which can change whenever you choose) you can improve work performance, improve health, and learn to live with less.

Project Management 2.0

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Spotlight On: Workforce Management

Your New Priority: Retaining Project Workers

by Joe Wynne

Economic and demographic trends are requiring project managers to prioritize certain workforce management skills to avoid replacing workers during the project. Make sure you understand these four relevant trends to help you avoid problems.

Spotlight On: Communication

Party Time? Remember to Behave

by Mike Donoghue

Regardless of whether it’s a holiday, celebration, moment of reflection, corporate event or some other occasion, the reason to have a party should be one where attendees should make an effort to create an atmosphere of collaborative enjoyment. Here are some tips on having a memorable (but not too memorable) company party.

Topic Teasers

Topic Teasers Vol. 48: Irritating Web Design

by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP

Question: I’m a programmer, but this is my first agile team and first web design project. Even though I hear customer feedback is a big part of agile, my organization doesn’t have a process to allow for it beyond the opinions of the team members and a few surrounding employees. I’m sure some of my colleagues have ideas, but what kinds of things on websites are known to irritate the public in general?
A. As long as your website loads quickly and serves the basic function of allowing purchases, downloading data or providing product information for customers, it’s a successful website.
B. Customer loyalty, goodwill, purchasing your products and posting favorable comments on social media rest on your knowing what the public at large likes and dislikes. In the absence of company sponsored studies of your customers, rely on the internet and your own informal questioning of people with whom you come into contact.
C. Your new agile team will include members who are more experienced than you. They will show you how to keep the new website creation consistent with those of the past. It is more important to have it look and feel the same as it always has than for you to implement changes, even if they are customer driven.
D. Use your own personal preferences as a guideline for what you will agree to create for your portion of this new corporate website. Your opinions matter as much as those of anyone else on the team, because after all you have had customer experiences on other websites.
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