Building the Hybrid PMO Workshop Series (Atlanta)

September 8-9, 2015 | Atlanta

Join us for our two-day workshop series to help you redefine your PMO and become more business driven, agile and effective! (And earn some PDUs in the process!) Session 1 is "Ready-to-Apply Examples of Business-Driven PMO Success" with Mark Price Perry, who assists with business-driven PMO setup and management; Session 2 is "Deliver Benefits that Matter--From Start to Finish" with Andy Jordan, who helps you succeed by managing the portfolio lifecycle with ideas through to benefits realization; and Session 3 presents "The Impact that Agile can have on a PMO" with Dave Prior, who helps you harmonize project management and agile. Session 4 is an open-space meeting that tackles "Redefining the PMO: Issues, Opportunities, and Breakthrough Thinking". Join us in Atlanta, or one of our upcoming stops in San Francisco and Scottsdale. Attendance is limited, so sign up today!


Knowledge Shelf

Effective Steering Committee Meetings

by Michel Wagner, PMP

To achieve the best results, a project manager needs a steering committee functioning in a supportive and effective manner. You are the captain of the ship but some of the steering committee members may enjoy watching you “walk on the plank,” as if they want to throw you out to the sharks. Sound familiar? Here are some tips and techniques that may help the next time you encounter this situation.

Being Ethical is Profitable

by Alankar Karpe

Ethics, as a term, is often misunderstood and some companies falsely believe that being ethical is an expensive practice that causes the organization to forego profits. This article explains why being ethical is a good long-term growth strategy that can command a premium from customers and help your company outpace competitors.

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Forward Thinking for Tomorrow's Projects: Requirements for Business Analytics

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Joy Beatty David Bieg

Business analytics have the potential to drastically change how business decisions are made. As we begin to better understand how to harness the power of big data, IT departments will see a larger number of business analytics projects, which means a greater need to grasp how requirements process works in these types of projects.

Voices on Project Management

The Critical Path

Spotlight On: IT Strategy

The Failure of Strategy

by Craig Curran-Morton

Some organizational strategies are wildly successful, while others fail to make it to the launch pad. What are some of the key reasons behind those strategies that fail miserably?

Spotlight On: IT Strategy

Winning Over the CEO: What CIOs Can Do

by Michael Wood

What can CIOs do to close their perceived credibility gap? There are some pretty simple things the CIO can do to become more integral to the leadership process and win the trust and appreciation of the CEO and other leadership team members. Here are three things to ponder.

Topic Teasers

Topic Teasers Vol. 63: New Manager No-Nos

by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP

Question: I have recently been assigned to manage a group of project managers. Unfortunately, I have no background or experience in project management, let alone the training and certifications they hold. In addition, I really have little experience in business at all…just a tangential college degree. What can you tell me about managing PMs that will help me survive in this new position?
A. Immediately get a book on project management and read up on this profession. A general overview will allow you to see that all projects are so similar that implementing your own new procedures can be equally beneficial for all the projects in progress when your start date occurs.
B. You are in a perfect position to manage project managers because you will have a fresh outlook and not be influenced or limited by what has been happening before you came. Make as many changes as you can in the first few months before you are dragged down into how things have been done in the past.
C. This is a more common situation than you might think. The best thing to do is familiarize yourself with the most common new manager mistakes and at least avoid making these. Lay low until you can figure out what is going on.
D. You should never have been hired. There is no way that a person who is not a project manager can successfully supervise those who are. Contact your boss and ask if you can be moved to a department that has people with more generic skill sets. You can be successful there.
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