Preparing the Project Brief

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

You are in a room with customers and have two minutes to explain your project. Are you ready with the project brief?

Agile vs. Waterfall: Making it Clear to the Customer

by Andy Jordan

As project managers, we sometimes forget that the way that our projects are executed is not always clear to our customers. Making sure that the customer understands the different approaches is critical.

CRM: Of Customers and Crises

by Laura Burford

A client project is a disaster, and they want to cancel the project. Would you be willing to step in as project manager? Can you help rescue the project and rebuild the fragile client relationship? Employ crisis skills to find success.

Why Project Management Begins with CRM

by Andy Jordan

For customer-facing organizations, customer relationship management is more than just a sales tool, it’s project initiation manifested. Here, we look at how organizations can better integrate their sales and delivery processes to the benefit of both sides of the business as well as the customer.

Rethinking CRM

by Michael Wood

It appears that not much has changed in regard to customer relationship management success. Despite the advances in data analytics, predictive modeling and Big Data mining, the harsh reality is that the drivers of CRM have essentially remained unchanged. As we approach the halfway mark of the new millennium’s second decade, isn’t it time to rethink CRM?

Managing Sales Projects

by Andy Jordan

For many organizations, a sales cycle is a project--but virtually no one manages it that way. Why not? The answer of course is that no one views a sales cycle as a project...and that's a mistake.

Methods to Managing Customer Expectations

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

How you manage your customer’s expectations will to a great extent determine the relationship you have with them. There are many different methods and ideas on how to manage customer expectations. Which one will you choose?

Managing Customer Expectations: Outsourced Supplier Viewpoint

by Andrew Makar, PMP

We often focus on stakeholder management from the viewpoint of the consultant or internal IT staff. What if you're an outsourced supplier in another country? How does customer and stakeholder management differ?

Balancing Cost and Skills

by Andy Jordan

When we are building a development team, it’s important to have a balance between all of the different elements. How do you balance the need for cost effectiveness with the need to build an experienced team?

Dealing with Customers from Hell

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Everyone gets a difficult customer every now and then. The project manager must learn to deal with them while getting the job done at the same time. Having a planned approach ready can help create a positive outcome.

Customer Service Model Business Reengineering Project Plan

project plan

Putting together a whole new customer service model (CSM) is a challenge, particularly if you do it in less than a month. This sample report in Word is an in-depth analysis of a business problem re: customer service/helpdesk and a detailed set of recommendations and plan for how to reengineer the business to improve customer service operations.

Sales Productivity Checklist


Whether you are selling products and services or selling a project itself, it doesn't hurt to brush up on your sales skills.

Siebel Implementation with RAD Iterations

PREMIUM project plan

A total roll-out of Siebel, including Rapid Application Development phases, testing, training and even change management is in this comprehensive Microsoft Project plan.

CRM Assessment with Call Center Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Are your customers getting the service they want from your Call Center? Do you need to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package to improve Call Center service? Use this Microsoft Project plan to assess the fit of a CRM package into your business.

Traditional Job Competency Model

PREMIUM deliverable

Looking for a training tool that will evaluate as well as guide you? Here's an example of how to define and analyze basic job competency for a relationship mangement specialist.

Smart Training Performance Model

PREMIUM presentation

Based on Clay Carr's Smart Training concept, this PowerPoint presentation outlines the concept of performance and guides you through each step of the performance cycle.

Self-Documenting Code Checklist


Code is a developer's signature on a software project, and not all developers play by the rules of good coding standards. Ensure that your development team leaves a coding legacy that not only implements the application at hand but can be understood by others and maintained during future development cycles.

Requirements Traceability


How do expectations and desires become a project? Use these worksheets to transform objectives into concrete requirements and steps that can be accounted for throughout the project.

Test Sign-Off Form


Has your system been properly tested by phase (unit, integration, user acceptance), and do you have the formal sign-off of approval to proceed?

Sample RM Package Vendor RFI


Are you about to select a commercial Relationship Management application? State exactly what you need. This thoroughly constructed sample RFI to solicit application package information from vendors will save you hours of work. Modify it to suit your requirements.

Integration Test Plan Outline


Here is a solid outline of a plan for testing individual development components in context with the overall system.

Quality Assurance Assessment Checklists

PREMIUM checklist

This thorough and detailed assessment is a series of five checklists designed to guide you through the entire project lifecycle from start to finish: planning, analysis, design, construction and implementation.


"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."

- Henry Ford