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Four Things Every Project Manager Must Have

by John A. Ariyo, MA, PMP

What or who makes a good project manager? This experienced professional has come to the conclusion that there are four things that will forever define a good PM. Do you exhibit these traits?

Back to School: How Employees and Employers Benefit

by Mike Donoghue

With more competition for jobs has come an increased interest in how companies want to invest in their workforce. This means that companies are improving their school reimbursement programs and promoting them as a way in which to both attract and nurture talent and enhance skills. Are you?

Taking Advantage of Employer Training Opportunities

by Joe Wynne

With the right attitude and basic plan, you can benefit from a variety of training provided free by your employer. You may even be missing some options—even though they are right under your nose.

Why Project Management?

by Andy Jordan

At some time or another, all of us will be asked to provide potential project managers with advice on the profession. Are we doing that in a way that actually helps?

A Transferable Skill to Enhance your Career Path

by Mike Tressler, MBA, PMP

In many career areas, the project management skillset is mostly an add-on to a primary expertise. This is not a good or bad thing—it’s just a fact of which to be aware. So how does a proud project manager handle such an environment to advance his or her career?

Talent Reinvention?

by Andy Jordan

Has PMI’s recent refocus on the Talent Triangle™ changed how you perceive your career? Should it? Your opportunity to diversify is now increased, and that is something this writer believes you can leverage.

Project Management as an Actual Career Choice: Discuss

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

It’s an odd thing to do, choosing a career in project management. If we’re really honest, it’s a haphazard wander through reality, figuring out how to best keep moving forward and learning the skills that we need to keep our heads above water. But it doesn't have to be.

Certification ROI

by Patti Gilchrist, PMP

The certification debate continues within the project management community. What is the return on investment of certification? To answer that question, let’s look at opinions and opposing sides from various experts.

Consulting Agreement

PREMIUM deliverable

Whether you're a consultant starting with a new client or a company looking to outsource, this agreement will make sure everyone is on the same page going into your next project.

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire


Stop conflicts before they start using this questionnaire designed to raise red flags with your employees' relationship to the company.

Discrimination Quiz


Nobody means to discriminate, but are you sure that your policies are in line with legal definitions of discrimination? Take this quick quiz and find out.

Telephone Reference Check Template

by Miriam Ziemelis

This Telephone Reference Check Template will help you checking references in a consistent way, asking the same questions of each former employer/reference so that you have comparative data to work with at the end of the process.

Traditional Job Competency Model

by George Ball

Looking for a training tool that will evaluate as well as guide you? Here's an example of how to define and analyze basic job competency for a relationship management specialist.

Internet Policy Agreement

PREMIUM deliverable

Your employees spend a lot of time online, but what exactly are they doing on the Internet all day? It is wise to have a policy to outline what is expected of their Internet use.

Communication Skills Evaluation


Communication is a vital tool that any candidate for employment must demonstrate. Use these questions and suggestions to help evaluate candidates' written and oral communication skills.

Applicant Rejection Letter


With every offer letter, there's a horde of rejections to be made. Make it easier on yourself using this sample letter.

Training Presentation Package


Use this agenda and the included tips to make your training meeting and presentation go off without a hitch.

Flex Time Policy Agreement

PREMIUM deliverable

If you decide that you're going to offer flex time to your employees, make sure you take care of the paperwork first. Flex time shouldn't mean "come and go as you please."


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