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The Four Windows: Turning Opportunity into Innovation in Megaprojects

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

Apart from the size of their budgets and the reach of their ambition, one defining characteristic of megaprojects is their desire to create enduring legacies. Crossrail--the United Kingdom’s largest infrastructure project--hopes it will have an even greater impact in the field of innovation.

The Coming Entrepreneurial Era

by Kevin Coleman

Throughout history, we have experienced a number of tech boom cycles. What's the next big thing, and what will it mean for innovation in project management?

Projects are Not Black and White: The Bimodal Buzz Ignores Reality

by Kevin Aguanno, PMP, MAPM, IPMA-B, Cert.APM, CSM, CSP

Project delivery organizations need more than just a bimodal approach. While waterfall and agile are very different delivery approaches, if you put them on a spectrum with one at each end, you will find that many projects would ideally be situated somewhere along the spectrum between those two extremes. Instead, optimal delivery would be achieved with a tetramodal delivery approach.

DMAIC for Innovation (Part 2)

by Braden Kelley

Given that people have expanded the use of the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control methodology beyond strict use on improving quality and reducing variability to be used on continuous improvement projects, why not stretch it a bit further and create a DMAIC for innovation?

Are You Small Enough to Fail? How Hacks and Incursions Affect Small Business

by Mike Donoghue

In case you haven’t noticed, the threat of your information being breached has commonly been considered a not so much “if” but “when” kind of scenario. And the truth is that small companies are not beneath the notice of data crooks--some statistics even show that about half of small businesses are targeted by cyber attacks. What can you do?

5 Portfolio Management Findings

by Tushar Patel

What challenges do project management professionals face with Project Portfolio Management in 2015? There continues to be a high rate of misaligned IT projects and lack of resources for successful project execution, according to a new survey.

Preventing ‘Alignment Creep’

by Andy Jordan

Move over scope creep, there's a new creep in town. Projects may start off well aligned to the strategies they support, but how do we ensure they remain that way?

Big Data's Big Year?

by Michael Wood

Once again, the Big Data market ranks high on the hot technologies list. It seems that over the past few years the pundits have been saying that this market is primed to explode, but it hasn't yet. What does the future look like for Big Data? Here are some tidbits to consider when determining if it's cup is half empty or half full.

Removing the Guesswork from Strategy

by Andy Jordan

For many organizations, strategic planning and the associated project selection is an exercise in frustration. How can we improve things without reinventing the process?

The Seinfeld Strategy

by Patti Gilchrist, PMP

As a project manager, do you have a recognition strategy in place? If not, you may want to tune in to repeat episodes of Seinfeld to learn the consequences from Jerry's mistake of refusing to say "thank you".

Agile and Strategic Alignment

by Mike Griffiths

Agile projects may look like untethered pinwheel rockets spinning away on unpredictable paths. How do we align them to IT strategies so they don’t adopt all kinds of crazy technologies the organization has to support or replace?

Portfolios, Programs & Projects: Oh My!

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

We need to be clear about what we are talking about in the context of alignment. And we need to be clear about what alignment actually gives us in the context of portfolio management. In other words, just what is the problem we are trying to solve here?

Your Strategy Needs an Implementation Strategy

by Irfan Shariff

There is an implementation gap that contributes to the failure of good strategies. The root cause? Most organizations don’t have actionable strategies for implementing strategy (got that?). Here is some practical advice for project practitioners.

Innovation Starts with Value in Mind

by Braden Kelley

What is innovation? This expert has been refining his definition for several years while doing research, speaking with Chief Innovation Officers at numerous Fortune 500 companies and traveling the world as an innovation keynote speaker. Here he shares some of the key themes that kept emerging in what leads to successful innovations.

Strategic Alignment for Small Businesses

by Chi-Pong Wong

Small businesses are more vulnerable to misalignment. Making sure that their projects deliver what the market dictates is particularly crucial because their very own survival just might depend on it.

Gartner Forecast: Prepare for a Digital Storm

by Ben Chamberlain

The unmistakable message to PMOs from the Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit this year was that disruptive (and possibly catastrophic) winds of digital change will soon be buffeting your organization. Here are some takeaways from this year's event...

The Magic Quadrant: A Tool Worth Understanding

by Michael Wood

Have you heard of the Magic Quadrant? If you are an IT or project management leader, you should understand what the Magic Quadrant is and how it can help you make smarter and more informed decisions. The analytical tool developed by Gartner is a snapshot of an industry or market based on Gartner’s research and analysis, and was on display at its recent PPM & IT Governance Summit in Grapevine, Texas.

The State of PPM & IT Governance 2015

by Andy Jordan

The Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit this month raised awareness of a number of different issues and trends important to CIOs, IT executives and PPM leaders. Here are a few lessons that struck one seasoned project manager as most important.

The Next Generation PMO Leader

by Andy Jordan

Change is driving the evolution of project management, driven by the growth of portfolio management and the increased alignment between strategy and execution to improve the chances of a portfolio delivering success. These changes are also occurring in the PMO. But the leader that got PMOs this far is not the same as the one that will take it further.

Adding Value with Big Data Projects

by Bruce Harpham

Improving our lives through better data--it’s an exciting prospect. Better insights and analysis lead to better decisions. As leaders, we have the responsibility to understand this trend and evaluate whether it will add value to our organizations.

Technology Enabling the Business Strategy

by Kevin Coleman

An innovative technology strategy has become essential and will become more critical as technology develops and innovation accelerates. But establishing a technology strategy that supports and enables the organization is a highly challenging task.

Project Manager 2.0: What is Your Change Management Plan?

by Irfan Shariff

The organizational world within which project managers operate is going through rapid and unprecedented change, driven by forces of globalization and digital technology. So, the choice is yours: change now, become PM 2.0 and survive. Don’t change, and await extinction...

Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet

PREMIUM deliverable

Every project has stakeholders. Your job is to get to know the ones who will be crucial to your project. This analysis worksheet will help you get a feel for what to expect from various key parties who have an interest in your project.


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