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Successful = Sustainable?

by Chi-Pong Wong

Many successful project managers can inadvertently be green at the same time. Why? Good project management practices that succeed in the three key ACE elements are coincidentally sustainable at the same time:

Getting Strategic with Resource Management

by Andy Jordan

There is increasing recognition that resource management needs to occur at a more strategic level. When you manage your resources, do you only consider the project, or do you look at the organization as a whole?

The PMO: Your Partner for Excellence and a Major Change Champion

by Nicolas De Dobbeleer, M.Sc., PMP

The PMO supports the establishment of a project management culture in organizations with low maturity. This article will provide some additional tips on how to position the PMO as a partner to top management to reach its vision of business excellence and help drive change. Implement the five guidelines to deliver higher value and support strategy execution.

The PROMISE of Change

by Kevin Coleman

As organizations begin to implement their near-term change strategies and initiatives are preparing to be launched, early identification of the impact points is essential if we are to get ahead of this challenge. To do that, one method examines the PROMISE of each initiative.

Who’s Managing the Changes in PM?

by Andy Jordan

Project management is changing dramatically. How is that being managed in your organization? Care needs to be taken to ensure that project managers remain motivated and engaged.

Three Testing Factors of Integrity in Project Management and Possible Ways to Manage Them for Success

by Pragatheeswaran Rathinasamy, PMP

A major challenge in project management is to become truly successful by practicing integrity. This article focuses on three key factors that test the integrity of organizations and practitioners—business case for the projects, organization structure and culture, and implications of laws and regulations—to highlight the importance of the roles of people and the system for practicing integrity. The author concludes by proposing useful ways to strengthen project management practices and comply with integrity.

Hot Technologies for 2015

by Michael Wood

Hold on to your hats because there are a lot of hot technologies that are making their way into the IT mainstream during the next few years. For some, many of these technologies do not roll off the tips of their tongues…yet! But these technologies are coming of age, and one of them in particular will have more impact than any of the others…

Generating More Green through Green

by Andy Jordan

Sustainability and green considerations are no longer “nice to haves”, they are critical drivers of organizational success. Here we explore how sustainability is driving organizational strategy and consider how that will increasingly drive changes in the way that projects are executed.

Organizational Change: A Possibility, Not a Farce

by Amir Nasiri, PMP

How can one successfully change the culture of an organization or an entity to think and act differently? When one thinks about organizational change and the subsequent consequences, you must ask the question, "Why should I go through this change and the hassle and stress that come with it?" The answer is very easy--the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term risks.

Information Sensitivity and Employee Sanctions: Getting the Message Across

by Mike Donoghue

With increases in data breaches, there is a strong need to get the complete attention of staff and define how to make them more accountable. How does a company handle this problem? When these events occur--and with repetition--there needs to be an introduction (or reintroduction) to rules and repercussions that apply to all employed bodies within an organization.

Can Agile Drive Sustainability?

by Andy Jordan

Agile approaches often have greater engagement levels between stakeholders. While those conversations generally focus on the deliverables and how they meet the customer’s needs, can they also drive sustainability best practices?

Getting the Right Projects Done

by Michael Wood

Something often happens between the time an organization’s business plan and objectives are blessed by the CEO and the way they are executed throughout the year. It isn’t that the project managers don’t want to please the CEO, it is just that the process of getting the right projects defined and deployed is flawed. How can we combat this?

The Power of Knowledge for Project Managers

by Michelle Stronach

Successful innovation that will yield real positive outcomes requires organizational capabilities for executing on strategy initiatives. It's not just about having the right people, it's about having the tools and corporate memory of knowing what works and what doesn't to support the thought processes for planning and getting the work done. This is where the importance of knowledge management comes into play.

2015 CIO Survival Guide: Rising to the Challenges

by Michael Wood

Once again, a new year is in full gear. 2015 looks to be a year of change on many fronts--and that means an opportunity for CIOs to thrive, or fall flat. In 2015 and beyond, what will CIOs need to do to be successful and provide the necessary leadership?

IT 2010 to 2020: From What We Thought to Where We're Going

by Michael Wood

In 2010, this writer penned an article predicting what information technologies would be emerging and maturing by 2015. It's the perfect time to see how those predictions faired--and create a new set of predictions on which technologies will contribute to transforming our world by 2020.

The Knowledge Worker Nightmare

by Kevin Coleman

Today's organizations are faced with a unique challenge: how to try and slow down the brain drain as baby boomers begin to retire. If not handled properly by companies, the losses could be staggering.

Putting the Vision Back into Your Project’s Mission

by Ken Whitaker

How many of us start a project thinking that we understood the reason behind doing the project in the first place? There’s about half of us who never aligned the project’s mission with the overall department or company vision, resulting in poorly made decisions--and possibly a breakdown in team morale. Providing a project focus that supports a larger purpose is particularly important for fast-paced, adjusting agile projects.

Knowledge Transfer: Where Process Improvement Begins

by Michael Wood

What do Business Process Improvement initiatives have to do with knowledge transfer and knowledge management? When done correctly, the BPI process hinges on knowledge transfer and lays the groundwork for ongoing knowledge management. Here we discuss a basic BPI process through the lens of knowledge transfer.

The CIO/CPO Relationship: A New Dynamic Duo?

by Michael Wood

For the most part, Chief Information Officers have been around a lot longer than Chief Project Officers. In many organizations, the CIO often (and without recognition) wears the CPO hat. But now that CPOs are becoming more abundant, there is a natural kinship that can be forged--one that can shape an organization’s future in a positive way.

5 Technology Trends Project Managers Should Know

by Elizabeth Harrin

Technology is revolutionizing how we work--and it’s not just Big Data. Here are the five technology trends that will influence how you manage projects in the years to come.

The Future of Project Management: Globalize, Commoditize, Professionalize

by Rob Saxon

As our profession rapidly expands beyond the borders of the United States and Europe, we will see further advancements and promising developments in the science and art of project management. This writer expects the trends of globalization, commoditization and professionalization to continue. As experienced project managers, we must examine these trends--and seize the opportunities that they present.

Project Failures = Reputation Risk

by Kevin Coleman

Not all projects are successful. Some just fail to make the grade while others go down in a firestorm of controversy. Those are the ones that are increasing causing damage to the reputations all of those involved. Here's some help to address this growing challenge.

Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet

PREMIUM deliverable

Every project has stakeholders. Your job is to get to know the ones who will be crucial to your project. This analysis worksheet will help you get a feel for what to expect from various key parties who have an interest in your project.


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