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gantthead is once again excited to be bringing you our annual virtual conference and exhibition on demand. It's your opportunity to learn, network, earn PDUs and gain valuable knowledge all from the comfort of your home, office-or home office.

PMXPO 2012 is a fantastic way to get the trade show experience without all the trade show expense. You'll have the same interaction with experts, peers and solution providers, the same educational opportunities and the same professional networking capability, all within typical work hours, and all completely free.

This conference addresses the specific needs of project executives and aspiring executives, charged with managing project offices, program offices and project portfolios of organizations big and small. In five sessions-plus an exciting keynote presentation-we'll offer overviews of common PPM and PMO issues with valuable take-away materials, including templates, checklists, project plans and presentations that you can modify and use in your own practice.

Get all of this, without the hassles of travel, wardrobe and sore feet that come with the typical trade show experience. You won't be getting the pens, squishy stress balls and keychains that you pick up at a live conference, but you will get hand-outs that you can use, like product demonstrations and other special offers from vendors at their virtual booths.

Registration is free, so take a minute now and make sure you don't miss out on what promises to be one of the highest-value conference experiences in project management this year.

PMXPO 2012 Live Blog

by erin decaprio, Dave Garrett, Taralyn Frasqueri-Molina, Don Kim, Andy Jordan, Cameron McGaughy, Michael Wood, Mark Mullaly

Get live updates all day long from the PMXPO on May 17, 2012. You can still register and catch anything you may have missed on demand until August 17, 2012.

David Berman and Jon Wellner,
Researchers and Actors, CSI

PMXPO 2012 Keynote: CSI:Project

on-demand webinar
by David Berman and Jon Wellner

Few of us run projects that depend on DNA samples or tire tread analysis, but the same research and attention to detail that has made the CSI franchise so wildly successful can translate to better projects for YOU! Series consultants and actors David Berman and Jon Wellner will be on hand at PMXPO 2012 to take you from idea to air-date with night-vision clarity and behind-the-scenes information on how the show is made and how you can apply TV-show solutions to real-world project challenges.

Keynote Sponsor Presentation by Microsoft
Brian Ru, Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Project


Most Valuable Certifications: A Recipe for Your Perfect Alphabet Soup
Andy Jordan, President, Roffensian Consulting, Inc..

PMXPO 2012 Most Valuable Certifications: A Recipe for Your Perfect Alphabet Soup

on-demand webinar
by Andy Jordan

Project managers have no shortage of certification choices -- multiple certifying bodies offering multiple certifications each. How do you choose the right one for you? Do you simply follow the crowd, or would you do better to stand out from the rest? Is one qualification enough or do you need several? Should you be a generalist or a specialist? In this presentation, Andy Jordan tries to disentangle the jumble of letters and offer some practical advice.

Brave New World of PPM: What We Need, Why We Need It and How To Get There
Mark Mullaly, President, Interthink Consulting

PMXPO 2012 Brave New World of PPM: What We Need, Why We Need It and How To Get There

on-demand webinar
by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

There has been an exceptional amount written, presented and discussed around the topic of portfolio management. Some of it is theoretical, some of it is useful and some of it is contradictory. For the executive or manager trying to make sense of portfolio management, a reasonable understanding of what it is and how to make it work is critical. Mark Mullaly provides an exploration of the world of portfolio management - both what has been done, and what is emerging as new trends and perspectives.

Sponsor Presentation by CA Technologies
David Werner, Product Marketing Manager, Service & Portfolio Management

Going For Gold: Delivering Successfully Despite Uncertainty
Penny Pullan, Director, Making Projects Work Ltd.

PMXPO 2012 Going For Gold: Delivering Successfully Despite Uncertainty

on-demand webinar
by Penny Pullan

We live in an uncertain world of tricky projects and programs. For most of us, this means ambiguous requirements, disinterested stakeholders and even teams dispersed around the globe. In this complex and messy world, we're still expected to deliver. This means managing risks, both positive and negative. But too often, risk management in projects is a boring bolt-on, rather than a fundamental part of ensuring successful delivery, and is of little value. In this presentation, we'll look at how you can engage other people to identify, own and manage risks on your project or program.

Sponsored Presentation by Realization
Yoav Ziv, VP, Marketing & Strategic Services, Realization

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: Defining a CXO's Bottom Line
Michael Wood, SME and IT Strategist, gantthead

PMXPO 2012 Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: Defining a CXO's Bottom Line

on-demand webinar
by Michael Wood

This session focuses on trade-offs between organizational/project efficiency vs. effectiveness. Many organizations confuse the two concepts not realizing that an overly focused effort to run the business efficiently can all-too-often erode how effective the organization is at delivering value to stakeholders. The same is especially true when it comes to achieving project success. Is efficiency overrated? Join Michael Wood in this session and decide for yourself.

Sponsor Presentation by Oracle
Mike Lawrence, Senior Manager, Product Strategy, Oracle Primavera

Managing Agility: Embracing the Benefits of Agile Leadership
Don Kim, Agile Project Leader, gantthead Contributor

PMXPO 2012 Managing Agility: Embracing the Benefits of Agile Leadership

on-demand webinar
by Don Kim

This presentation will review the concept of Agile Leadership as it is described in the Agile Manifesto, within the context of well-known leadership concepts and methods to solve problems that project leaders face on a day to day basis. It is more than simply removing impediments or driving tasks to completion, but rather managing and embracing the tension of being both leader and servant, task master and coach, and mentor and mentee depending on the situation.

Closing Remarks LIVE!
Stephen Maye, Conner Partners, PMXPO 2012 Host

Your host Stephen Maye will wrap up the day's happenings and let you know how you can take advantage of everything PMXPO 2012 has to offer, even beyond the day's live event.

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