Is Your PMO an Integral Part of Organizational Leadership?

by Andy Jordan

We now look to PMOs to take more of an active role within the entire lifecycle. For that expanded role to be successful, the PMO needs to be more than simply the guide and controller for project execution; it needs to be accepted into a leadership role within the organization--partners with business units and accepted experts on portfolio execution.

Data Gathering in Portfolio Management

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Making good business decisions while managing a portfolio often comes down to gathering the proper data and creating useful business intelligence. Here's some advice on four critical stages of the process.

Get Ahead of the Game: Four Tips for Resource Management

by Kevin Kern

Whether you’re starting from square one or fine-tuning a well-oiled process, consider these four tips for taking a more proactive approach to resource management--and create a more effective, efficient and responsive organization along the way.

The Wrong Way to Determine Priorities

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

When projects are gathered together in a portfolio, decisions must be made about which ones have priority over the others. There are lessons to be learned in examining the wrong ways of determining a project’s priority.

Should Technology and Process Coexist?

by Andy Jordan

With the ever increasing use of technology, how are processes impacted? Our writer feels that technology should be an overlay to the process work--we should start with a solid process and then look for ways that technology could make life easier in the execution of the process. But a colleague doesn't agree...

Governance Planning

by Patti Gilchrist, PMP

Governance is concerned with the best use of an organizations’ resources. Thus, effective IT planning processes are essential. Organizations must gain insight into (and ultimately retain control over) the demands being made on IT.

Project Governance: Overcoming Obstacles

by Michael Wood

One of the primary roles of the PMO is to provide a framework for ensuring proper governance over projects. Here we look at some of the obstacles and challenges facing the PMO governance function--and some tips for overcoming them.

Spring Cleaning of Applications

by Kevin Kern

Call it application sprawl, application bloat or whatever you like, most companies that rely on applications could use a good old-fashioned spring cleaning to reassess and determine which apps in a company’s portfolio provide unequivocal value and which should make a polite exit.

Annual Planning in the PMO

by Andy Jordan

The PMO must have an easy time of annual planning, right? It's a service function that provides resources based on the overall project portfolio, and the organization determines which projects to approve. Based on those decisions, the PMO knows how it needs to adjust its resource model. But life’s not quite that simple...

The Proactive PMO

by Andy Jordan

As a PMO leader, are you driving change, or is it driving you? In all too many cases, PMOs are reactive--implementing a solution in response to a problem. In this article, we argue for a more proactive approach.

Dealing with Shifting Goal Posts

by Andy Jordan

Sometimes the corporate priorities change unexpectedly, and the projects that were approved at the start of the year are no longer appropriate for what the organization is trying to achieve. How can an organization cope?

Project Portfolio Management: Real-World Observations

by Gus Cicala

The value of PPM and the priorities people place within it have seen drastic changes to go along with the dynamism of the world over the last five years. Optimal realization of portfolio ROI is now a must just to simply stay alive, whereas before it was often just treated as a nice idea that a company could do to improve its business success.

PPM in 2013: Consolidation, Change and Collaboration

by Kevin Kern

As 2012 starts to become a distant memory and companies begin implementing their 2013 plans, one CEO has spent some time reflecting on the PPM trends of 2012 and how they will continue, amplify or decrease into the new year.

Recognizing Failure

by Andy Jordan

Project failure is inevitable, and failing to deal with it is inexcusable. Many projects fail to deliver against the plan that the approval of the project was based on. But few projects are ever actually cancelled--projects are delayed, costs are escalated, scope is cut…but ultimately the project is delivered, even if it bears little resemblance to what was originally approved. Stop the insanity!

A Tale of Two Perspectives (Part 2)

by Craig Curran-Morton

We've looked at the project selection process from the vantage point of an idea submitter. Now we will look at the process from the perspective of the decision makers--who are often left equally frustrated and confused.

The Value-Adds of Portfolio Management

by Andy Jordan

Some managers view PPM as nothing more than high-level project management--a service function rather than a strategic support function. But PPM is more than just project management with bigger numbers.

Committing to the Value of PPM

by Michelle Stronach

The common challenge with EPPM is that it can be perceived as a loss of control for executives and for project managers. It can also be perceived as added work for those who need to support the philosophy. This article discusses ideas for communicating value at all levels of the organization to achieve buy in, preparation and adoption of PPM concepts, processes and tools--and the skills to implement them.

Between Strategy & Projects: When Portfolios Don’t Fit

by Mark Mullaly, PMP

If portfolio management is about ensuring strategic alignment and strategic management is about defining organizational direction, where does one stop and the other start? Specifically, what should we expect a good strategic management process to define? And what does portfolio management expect and require as input in order to ensure that the results of portfolio selection are, in fact, “strategically aligned”?

Project Portfolio Management: Back to Basics

by Michael Wood

Many organizations find the process of managing their portfolio of projects extremely painful. But does it have to be like that? Perhaps a return to basics is needed. Could it be that the intellectualization of the PPM process has muddied the waters a bit?

PPM Tool Selection and Deployment

by Andy Jordan

How do you decide which PPM tool is right for you, and then make it work? In this article, we identify a few of the things to consider when selecting a tool.

The Evolution of Annual Planning

by Andy Jordan

It's inevitable--organizations will change the way that planning cycles are executed. For many organizations, this is a natural extension of the commitments that they are already making--EPMOs, strong and executive supported portfolio management, and results-focused execution. For others, this is a major shift. Here we explore some of the ways that annual planning can be improved.


"The reason why worry kills more people than hard work is that more people worry than work."

- Robert Frost