Conducting an OPM Inventory

by Andy Jordan

More and more, companies are looking at project management from an organization-wide perspective, but they are making assumptions about the current state of project execution within those organizations. How hard can it be to identify the projects underway and the teams managing them? It shouldn't be too difficult to inventory the project portfolio...right?

OPM: Turn It Up to 11

by Andy Jordan

Organizations are expected to deliver more and more with less and less, and that has in part led to the growth of organizational project management. But in this writer's experience, organizations have not been able to define what a successful OPM model looks like. How do you maximize the return on Organizational PM?

The PMO Car Wash

by Tom L. Barnett, PMP

An IT project can’t do it on its own; it takes customer involvement to keep things moving. So what can your PMO learn from a visit to the car wash?

The PPM Cascade

by Joe Wynne

This executive communication strategy will go a long way to prevent middle management inertia when implementing project portfolio management. Here we look at the cascade that breaks down the management wall to PPM.

PPM: Where Project Meets Strategy

by Andy Jordan

The portfolio manager is the strategic spearhead of your project organization, and there is a lot of mystery about an organization’s strategic planning process. The PPM function of your organization needs to be in the center of this process, and in this article we explore some of the functions that it needs to perform.

PPM: Project Propaganda Management?

by Mark Mullaly, PMP

In the history of organizations trying to implement and get some value from project management, there has been a string of buzzwords that have captured the hearts, minds and budget approvals of senior executives. Why doesn't the hype of portfolio management seem to measure up in real life?

Nightmare on Portfolio Street

by Tom L. Barnett, PMP

"One, two...the portfolio's coming for you! Three, four, better lock your door!" For a company to be successful, it needs to have a high-performance project portfolio. If it misses the mark, everyone is relegated to the B-movie horror of High Spending and Low (or No) Return for their Money.

Prioritizing the Project Portfolio

by Michael Wood

ROI can get muddy, and the priority of projects can be changed after they've been started. So how do you quantify disruptions to progress and the impact on morale and relationships? Hopefully, through this article you will glean some insights and ideas on how to improve an ailing IT project prioritization process. And guess what? It's not as difficult as you might think!

Lite Project Portfolio Management

by Dr. Andrew Makar, DMIT, PMP

Portfolio managers don’t always need a full-feature package with all the bells and whistles. Reviewing the variety of solutions available led this writer to generate a basic list of PPM requirements as well as a few nice-to-have features--leading him to a recommendation.


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