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Introduction to PL/SQL

PREMIUM presentation

If you want to extend your SQL capabilities with Oracle's PL/SQL option, this is a good place to get a solid footing.

Controlling the Software Development Process Checklist


Use this checklist to evaluate your organization's mechanisms for identifying problems in the software development process, correcting development process deficiencies and preventing the recurrence of project problems brought on by development process deficiencies.

Learn From Others

Are You Small Enough to Fail? How Hacks and Incursions Affect Small Business

by Mike Donoghue

In case you haven’t noticed, the threat of your information being breached has commonly been considered a not so much “if” but “when” kind of scenario. And the truth is that small companies are not beneath the notice of data crooks--some statistics even show that about half of small businesses are targeted by cyber attacks. What can you do?

Big Data's Big Year?

by Michael Wood

Once again, the Big Data market ranks high on the hot technologies list. It seems that over the past few years the pundits have been saying that this market is primed to explode, but it hasn't yet. What does the future look like for Big Data? Here are some tidbits to consider when determining if it's cup is half empty or half full.

Adding Value with Big Data Projects

by Bruce Harpham

Improving our lives through better data--it’s an exciting prospect. Better insights and analysis lead to better decisions. As leaders, we have the responsibility to understand this trend and evaluate whether it will add value to our organizations.

Challenges in the Cloud

by Michael Wood

Will the cloud soon dominate enterprise computing? Yes...but that time hasn’t arrived just yet as there are still some challenges facing the cloud computing space. From the need for innovation in the area of disaster recovery to finding its next niche, the cloud has some decisions to make...

Are You Data Driven?

by Patti Gilchrist, PMP

Most of us know the resistance that can arise when presenting new ideas or creative thoughts to address age-old problems. Data can provide the mechanism for change, empowering you with the confidence to challenge the status quo. Research also suggests that a data-driven approach to decision making offers competitive advantages as well.

Essential Big Data Skills

by Patti Gilchrist, PMP

As a project manager, have you been asked to lead a mission-critical big data project for your organization? To help you prepare, here are some of the essentials skills required to successfully manage a big data project.

It's Not the Data that's Important, It's the Story

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

We live in an increasingly quantified world. It would strongly appear that this won't change much in the near future, but this creates a number of challenges--many of which aren't necessarily obvious. A significant challenge is simply what we often do with the data that we have.

How the Narwhal Beat the Orca

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

The outcome of this particular tale--a contest between a Narwhal and an Orca--certainly gave some people the hump and left others shouting for joy. What makes this contest interesting to us, however, is the role that big data played in its outcome.

Solving the Expertise Crisis in Your Big Data Project

by Joe Wynne

A Big Data project can come to a screeching halt without the proper expertise, and the expertise can be difficult to find today. Be sure to take the correct steps early on to ensure this type of project is successful.

Data? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Data! (Or Do We...?)

by Andy Jordan

Project management and data share a sometimes uncomfortable relationship, but there are plenty of opportunities for harmony. Data--and more specifically the ability to manage that data effectively--can be a powerful tool to assist project managers.

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