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Workshop - Mind Maps and Effective Project Managers

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

As a follow-up to his recent presentation "The Effective Project Manager," presenter Michael Stratton will discuss the functionality of mind maps - how to create them from scratch as well as show how to use an existing template. He will also discuss his mind mapping tool of choice and other available options.

9 Habits of Effective Team Building for Project Managers

on-demand webinar

Do you need to improve your team building skills? Have you had bad experiences in the past with keeping your team on board? This webinar by project professional Bruce Harpham will show you how to assess your team building strengths and weaknesses while giving you actionable steps to improve your team building skills.

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Save Time With Tools And Templates

Vendor Management: Contract Preparation


Need some help with preparing your vendor contract? This presentation will help with the management of delivery and your relationship with the vendor.

Learn From Others

PMI Credentials: The Last Decade...and the Future

by Mike Griffiths

It's been a long time since the PMP credential debuted in 1984. Here we take a look at how the number of Project Management Institute credential holders has grown over the last 10 years--and speculate where they might go in the future.

7 Points to Consider Before Taking an Out-of-State Job

by Tom L. Barnett, PMP

Congratulations! You just secured that job in a different state! It might be the perfect change for you--just make sure you look before you leap by considering these seven factors before accepting that offer.

Preparing for the Exam with PMBOK Guide—Fifth Edition (Part 9): Communication Management

by Bruce Garrod

Do you need to study how to communicate in preparation for the PMP exam? Really? With only three PMI processes based around the function that every project manager does every day of their life, it may feel that studying this chapter in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)—Fifth Edition is a waste of effort. Not so fast...

PM Skills: Shades of Grey

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

If uniqueness is the mutable metal of our projects, then repetitiveness is the forge on which we temper those specialist skills that give it shape. But what kind of repetitiveness tempers those skills? And how long does it take to temper them? What really counts is the quality of the experience--and not just its quantity.

What Makes a Quality PM?

by Andy Jordan

As project managers, we have to believe that we add value to projects…but how do we ensure that we are providing quality project management? What makes a “high quality” project manager? It’s not as simple as ensuring that the project delivers against its constraints...

The Future of Project Management: Globalize, Commoditize, Professionalize

by Rob Saxon

As our profession rapidly expands beyond the borders of the United States and Europe, we will see further advancements and promising developments in the science and art of project management. This writer expects the trends of globalization, commoditization and professionalization to continue. As experienced project managers, we must examine these trends--and seize the opportunities that they present.

Telecommuting Time

by Kevin Coleman

Telecommuting has been called the future of work, even for program and project managers. Like it or not, we had all better prepare for this as it is highly likely that within the next few years, it will impact all of us.

Making Resolutions that Last

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

The project management field is geared toward implementing best practices and improving processes. There is no better way to do that than spending some time making resolutions. The following strategies will help your resolutions become a reality.

Is the Future of our Profession in Safe Hands?

by Andy Jordan

What’s happening with the new generation of project managers, and how can we help them succeed? It's an exciting time for project management and new project managers. However, it’s not all wine and roses

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