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4 Common Rookie Project Manager Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Sep 3, 2015 1:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

New project managers (and sometimes seasoned project managers alike) often fall victim to a few common missteps that unfortunately can prove fatal to their success. While project managers can often become consumed with the day-to-day crises, administrative tasks and status updating, they can sometimes lose sight of key steps that are a key part of the foundation of any successful project. This workshop explores four specific pitfalls often faced by the new project manager and provides specific techniques and best practices that can be immediately applied to avoid them.

Making The Most Of Virtual Work

Sep 9, 2015 12:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

Virtual work has become more common as companies seek to reduce cost and promote workplace flexibility. As project managers, we are on the front lines of this change - managing freelance staff, outsourced providers and other staff. This webinar covers three aspects of virtual work - how to adjust and tailor your communication practices, how to work remotely, and a brief introduction to virtual work tools and how to use them.

On-demand Webinars

How To Grow Your Internal Network

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Bruce Harpham

Without a thriving and growing internal network, a project manager cannot be successful. An internal network is the relationships, favors and information you have at your current organization. In this webinar, you will learn how to build your internal relationships.

"Copy That": The Why And How of Feedback on Projects

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Bruce Harpham

Feedback is a powerful tool to manage project team members and enhance our own careers. In this webinar, you will learn two approaches to feedback to improve your results. First, you will learn how to use feedback - from sponsors, executives, customers and team members - to lead yourself higher. Second, you will learn how to deliver positive and negative feedback to your team members. Feedback is a powerful tool that you can use every week.

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Save Time With Tools And Templates

North America Congress Highlights – Key Takeaways and Lessons Learned in Improving Talent Management in Project, Program and Portfolio Management

Nov 23, 2015 11:00 AM EDT (UTC-5)

Please join us and continue the conversation with presenters from PMI Global Congress 2015 –North America. During this webinar we’ll explore best practices, key takeaways and lessons learned from Improving Talent Management in Project, Program and Portfolio Management sessions. Don’t miss this opportunity to virtually meet the presenters and get a glimpse into their post-conference highlights and teachable moments from PMI Global Congress 2015 –North America.

The Presentation on Presentations

Nov 11, 2015 12:00 PM EDT (UTC-5)
PREMIUM webinar

Attendees will learn how to prepare for a presentation, best practices, and get new ideas for and actionable steps to improve their own presentation skills.

Vendor Management: Contract Preparation


Need some help with preparing your vendor contract? This presentation will help with the management of delivery and your relationship with the vendor.

Learn From Others

Topic Teasers Vol. 63: New Manager No-Nos

by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP

Question: I have recently been assigned to manage a group of project managers. Unfortunately, I have no background or experience in project management, let alone the training and certifications they hold. In addition, I really have little experience in business at all…just a tangential college degree. What can you tell me about managing PMs that will help me survive in this new position?
A. Immediately get a book on project management and read up on this profession. A general overview will allow you to see that all projects are so similar that implementing your own new procedures can be equally beneficial for all the projects in progress when your start date occurs.
B. You are in a perfect position to manage project managers because you will have a fresh outlook and not be influenced or limited by what has been happening before you came. Make as many changes as you can in the first few months before you are dragged down into how things have been done in the past.
C. This is a more common situation than you might think. The best thing to do is familiarize yourself with the most common new manager mistakes and at least avoid making these. Lay low until you can figure out what is going on.
D. You should never have been hired. There is no way that a person who is not a project manager can successfully supervise those who are. Contact your boss and ask if you can be moved to a department that has people with more generic skill sets. You can be successful there.
Pick your answer then Test Your Knowledge!

Swimming in the Moat: The Business of Projects

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

For any project manager, knowing the business means knowing how their projects contribute to achieving that goal. This is important because the decisions and trade-offs made on a project need to be informed by an understanding of how they ultimately influence business outcomes.

Master of Your PM Domain?

by Patti Gilchrist, PMP

Domain knowledge is becoming increasingly important within the project management profession. Is it really necessary, and why? Are you master of your domain? And if so, what do you need to do to stay relevant in the profession?

Leadership and Learning from Others

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Learning should never stop, but you can’t get all of your knowledge from books. In order to be a successful project manager, you have to be able to learn from other project managers. Get help forging your own path.

When Is It Time to Move On?

by Tom L. Barnett, PMP

It’s a big dilemma that hits many of us at one time or another--stick with the current job or take a new opportunity? What should you do? Consider the following three aspects when making your decision...

The Cost of Time

by Andy Jordan

For career-minded project managers, balancing progression with experience is critical…but how do you do that? Is it better to build a track record of success even if that delays career progression, or is it better to look to move up when an opportunity presents itself--even if that means leaving things undone?

How to Grow Your Business Awareness to Be a Better Project Manager

by Bruce Harpham

Our projects are shaped and heavily influenced by the environment. In this article, you will learn practical ways to develop your business awareness at work so that we can better understand the broader environment. These strategies will put you ahead of other professionals who never spend any time considering the big picture.

The Business-Savvy PM

by Michael Wood

It is incumbent upon a business person and a project manager to find a common ground for working together. Here are some of the core business competencies and capabilities PMs need to work more effectively with business leaders, managers and operations staff.

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