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PMI Organizational Agility Conference 2016

14 September 2016, 8:30-5 PM ET | Online

Is Your Agile Transformation Set up to Fail? Find out at the PMI® Organizational Agility Conference 2016, FREE and Exclusive for PMI Members. We know there are barriers that slow your organization’s ability to be agile: failed agile transformations, complex organizational processes, team dynamics and the uncertain role of the PMO in an agile environment (just to name a few). Attend the PMI Organizational Agility Conference 2016 to get help breaking down these barriers. It’s free for PMI Members.

Upcoming Webinars

How To Be A Project Delivery Hero: Deliver the Baked Pizza

Sep 29, 2016 2:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

This is the final session in our six-part How to Be a Project Hero series. In this session we will discuss how to bring all the pieces together in a LEAN plan and share some techniques on tracking against that plan.

Project Relationship Management (PRM)

Oct 5, 2016 11:00 AM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

An essential skill we as PM professionals need to recognize is Project Relationship Management or PRM. This presentation takes a look at each of the essential relationships encountered during the life cycle of a project and the effective development, cultivation and maintenance of each.

On-demand Webinars

Reality Bytes: Working Effectively with Virtual Teams

by Emily Hannon
September 13, 2016 | 70:57 | Views: 572 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 6.02 / 7

This webinar will explore the subject of working virtually and what we can do as project managers to support our project teams. We'll also examine some of the treacherous pitfalls that can surround working virtually.

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Save Time With Tools And Templates

Communication Plan Log

by Anupam Ganguly

This template can be used for communication planning, and listing the intended audience or recipient of the message that is impacted by the project success or failure. The template is a register for understanding communication-related expectations and preferences, timeline and the communication medium used. Confirming what is needed to know, views and thoughts, and the feedback of the recipient can also be tracked. The template should be filled by the project manager or the project lead.

1x1 Discussion Template

by Anupam Ganguly

This template can be used to track individual concerns, priorities, updates and development areas required during 1x1 connect meetings. The action items resulting can be used as a basis for your next 1x1. It should be filled and documented by the person conducting the meeting. The template results in better understanding and planning development opportunities for an individual team member. The documented template can also be used for year-end appraisals.

Project Status Report Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Daniel Grzybek

This Project Status Report template was developed to be utilized in smaller, vendor-to-customer projects. The ideal report frequency is short, such as weekly. Its simple format focuses on communicating key indicators of any project's health (schedule, cost, scope, risk, etc.), activity progress, action items/issues and risk with the goals of being 1) quickly and easily comprehensible to the general stakeholder audience and 2) easily maintained and/or modified by the project manager.

Project Status Update (Presentation)

PREMIUM presentation
by Daniel Grzybek

This presentation template is a formal customer-facing status report used for medium to larger projects, or for reporting multiple projects with the same stakeholder audience.

Project Kickoff Checklist

by Andy Jordan

This brief checklist is intended to help project managers ensure they are ready to conduct project kickoff sessions. Project managers should review the questions asked in this checklist and make notes of any items that are unclear/outstanding /etc. Any areas that are still unclear require action plans.

Learn From Others

Protecting Project ROI for Project Sponsors

by Kent Lefner

It is critical that business leaders have the ability and courage to mitigate risk up front and actively monitor and act on project risks and performance as early warning signs materialize. Here we look at a framework to help business and project leaders actively, transparently and honestly monitor risk and issues through the entire project lifecycle.

Corporate Politics and Stakeholder Management Communication

by Alla Antoniuk

Every project has its own share of organizational politics. As a project manager, you have to be aligned with organizational goals. Manage stakeholder expectations and relationships in an agile manner in order to stay on top of the game and make sure that your team performs at the highest possible level.

Rules of Considerate Conduct and the Aspirational Standards of the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

by Katherine Holderbaum

The aspirational standards of the “PMI Code of Ethics” provide practitioners with the “what” of professional and socially responsible conduct. Applying Forni’s Choosing Civility: The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct can enhance the “PMI Code of Ethics” with specific actions and behavior and support more effective management of project management processes, especially communications. The discussions that may result can further benefit project managers and their teams.

Documenting Process Improvements

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Processes are only as good as their last review. There should be a constant review cycle for ensuring that processes are improved when necessary—and documenting that is vital to the team.

Get Risks Identified…Even When It's Tough

by Joe Wynne

When the going gets tough in project risk management, you have to get tough with your tactics. Get the key participants you need in the session through proactive invitee management. Get the risks identified during the session by using pre-selected, mentally stimulating terms and phrases.

What Should You Do When Your Project Goes Wrong?

by Helena Lui

Since projects are more risky by nature than operational work, it's important to know which course of action to take when something goes wrong. In this article, the author outlines seven steps that you should follow.

How Building Information Modeling (BIM) Can Help Project Managers

by Saad Al Jabri

Building information modeling (BIM) has grown tremendously in just a few years. Meanwhile, factors are pushing the construction world to innovate opportunities for improving efficiency and productivity. In this scenario in any project, the project manager has the overall responsibility for project success.

Communication: The Leader's Language

by Suresh MK

Communication is the medium through which one articulates vision, strategy, change and feedback. It is most critical for leaders to have effective communication skills as they are the ones delivering important strategy and vision. If they fail to articulate that effectively, it could lead to unintended consequences.

Topic Teasers Vol. 80: Compliance Without Power

by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA

Question: We recently developed new accounting software for internal use to create invoices. Due to interest in tracking benefits realization and also capturing customer reactions to evaluate our success, my project team has been asked to stay on and address any issues for six months. One of the sales representatives gives special discounts and terms but fails to enter them into the new system for billing, and the angry customers call my team. I’ve told his manager, but the behavior continues. It makes the process improvement statistics for our software look bad and is costing us money. What can I do?
A. If talking with the sales representative’s manager didn’t work, talk to the manager’s manager. This sales person should be fired.
B. Take the salesperson to lunch. See if there is anything bothering him. Try to help him solve any work-related or personal issues, so that he can focus more on entering the correct data for billing.
C. Alert the representative by e-mail when the invoices will be sent out for two months. Give him a deadline to enter any unique terms not covered by the default pricing tables in the software. Copy his manager.
D. Prepare a second training class on how to operate the new software and schedule all of the employees in the organization who use the software to attend. If one person isn’t using it correctly, perhaps there are more.
Pick your answer then Test Your Knowledge!

Accepting Unrealistic Deadlines: A Recipe for Disaster

by Muhammad Umais Mulki

Sometimes the temptation to work on an exciting project—and other times the pressure from the business executives to get the business—leads to agreement on unrealistic expectations. This article discusses the mistake of agreeing to unrealistic timelines and suggests a few ways on how this can be avoided—and the project kept under reasonable control.

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