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Advanced Work Packaging: Achieving Higher Project Productivity And Predictability

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Olfa Hamdi

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) can effectively align different construction project perspectives for greater project productivity and predictability. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover through this webinar Advanced Work Packaging, an innovative disciplined execution approach that improves project outcomes by proactively aligning planning and execution activities throughout the project life cycle, from project set-up to start-up and turnover.

The Invisible Matters - How Program Management and Systems Engineering Teamed to Build the World's Largest IceCube

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Randall Iliff

What can Project and Program Managers learn from an IceCube? In this case, a lot! The South Pole is now home to IceCube, the world’s largest and arguably most unusual telescope. IceCube is a true “Discovery Class” research instrument capable of totally redefining our sense of the physical universe, but presented the design team with many unique challenges. Join us and we’ll share a true insider’s view of how the power of Program Management and Systems Engineering, working together in a process uniquely tailored for IceCube, enabled all of this to happen. This is a rare opportunity to observe the logic, tailoring strategy, and artifacts from one of the most remarkable development programs ever to take place.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Material Checklist

PREMIUM deliverable
by Rami Kaibni

This material checklist and signoff form can be used for any type of material inspection. It is widely used in construction under the quality control process, but can be adapted for other non-construction areas.

Daily Activities Report Sample (Construction)

by Rami Kaibni

This sample report works mainly for construction projects. It is a daily site activity report submitted by the site manager in charge to the section manager. It reflects the work accomplished and areas of concern. It helps in early identification of any schedule creeps or arising risks or concerns that might delay the project.

Sample Job Function Description (Construction)

by Rami Kaibni

This sample template is an example of a completed Job Function Description for a position in the construction industry. You can modify it to apply to other industries/projects/positions. It should be used to write in details on the roles and responsibilities of key team members. It can be used for any project and it is very useful in properly identifying the exact responsibilities required from each key team member.

Learn From Others

Case Study: Project Delays in Qatar Construction Projects

by Ahmed Fouad Sedky

As Qatar continues its race against time in delivering construction and infrastructure projects by the fixed deadline of 2022 (and later to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030), let’s look at some best-laid plans gone awry--and explore the causes and repercussions of project delays in Qatar.

How to Buy Well: A Short Guide to Ethical Procurement

by Bruce Harpham

Once project planning begins, procurement quickly becomes a vital activity. Whether you are building a bridge, installing a software upgrade or launching a new product, procurement matters to project success. Procurement poses both ethical and practical challenges.

Precast Concrete: Bulk Production Optimization

by Rami Kaibni

In his previous article, the author tackled the management of safety and health related to precast yards. In this article, we will concentrate on the execution phase (production of the pre-cast elements) on large projects.

Improving Productivity on Projects

by Rami Kaibni

Maintaining a productive team and ending up with productive results can be complicated. Here are some of the means and methods to help you maintain productivity throughout the project lifecycle.

Pre-Cast Concrete Yards: Safety and Health Management

by Rami Kaibni

During the execution of the four major pre-casting operations (casting, finishing, storage and transportation of the pre-cast elements to site), care should be taken with regards to every possible safety and health hazard that is expected to occur. Keep these nine potential hazards at the pre-cast yards in mind.

Agile Knowledge Management at the General Services Administration's Public Buildings Service

by Sam Falcone, MSW, MBA, PMP, CSM, Lisa Binckes, M.A., Co-Sponsor

The General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) Public Buildings Service (PBS) needed better knowledge management (KM) approaches for supporting their building maintenance, leasing, construction, and renovation projects delivered annually across the United States. A national KM team, utilizing a rapid piloting approach, customized preexisting/prepaid software tools to quickly meet their information needs. Read the case study for details about lessons learned and critical success factors.

A Project Lifecycle for New Hotels

by Richard Whitfield
Gert Noordzy

Addressing the problems inherent in opening new hotels, this paper advocates that hotel owners adopt a complete and well-defined project lifecycle overseen by an experienced project manager. The goals and deliverables for the key phases within this extended new hotel project lifecycle are identified and the main benefits of following this approach are explained. The proposed approach helps optimize the return on investment for each new hotel and maximizes positive cash flows from operations.

The Four Windows: Turning Opportunity into Innovation in Megaprojects

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

Apart from the size of their budgets and the reach of their ambition, one defining characteristic of megaprojects is their desire to create enduring legacies. Crossrail--the United Kingdom’s largest infrastructure project--hopes it will have an even greater impact in the field of innovation.

Advanced Work Packaging: Thinking with the End in Mind

by Olfa Hamdi

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a work process framework fundamentally based on the idea of thinking with the end in mind. It is designed to allow engineering planning to be driven by construction sequencing.

Burning Up Construction Projects: Why Not?

by Massimo Longo

Project management in construction follows traditional planning methods to communicate project schedules. The objective of this article is to show how agile tools like burnup and burndown charts help communicate project timeline and progress.

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