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Influence and Lateral Leadership Across Cultures

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Yadvinder Rana

Modern leaders and managers increasingly recognize the importance of being able to influence people over whom they don’t have formal authority. Because authority is becoming an ambiguous concept, contemporary leaders can no longer simply tell others what to do.

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Pre-Paid Staffing Model: A Distributed Factory

by Sreenivas Kunapuli

There are essentially two types of billing for contract work—Fixed Price (FP) or Time and Materials (T&M). Both have their advantages and disadvantages. This article introduces a third type of billing for a contract, called “Pre-Paid” (PP) billing. The Pre-Paid staffing model has an interesting parallel to flight booking and looks at the economies of scale to benefit both the provider and the client.

The Outsourced PMO

by Andy Jordan

An organization running a fully outsourced PMO?! Crazy talk, right? Not so fast. Read on for a case study of an unusual PMO model--and what all PMOs can learn from it.

Consulting Characters

by Patti Gilchrist, PMP

What happens when the consultant falls short of their billing as an industry expert? Here is a humorous look at some of the consultant characters that you may have encountered--and survival tips for dealing with them.

Tightrope Walking: Balancing Pressures as a Professional Services PM

by Rob Saxon

There are some excellent benefits to working directly with customers, but there are pressures that you need to be aware of and actively manage if you are to be successful. Here are three examples of the types of pressure you will feel, and some advice for navigating through them. If you are considering working for as a consulting or professional services project manager, read on.

The Myths of Consulting

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

What are the myths of consulting, and how do you deal with those misconceptions and prejudices about working with customers? Let's take a look at three of them...

The Consultant vs. In-House PM

by Michael Wood

What's the difference? From time to time, organizations find themselves in a dilemma trying to decide whether they should use an in-house PM or PM consultant to manage important projects. Being aware of the tradeoffs and making conscious decisions on each is the best way to minimize unintended consequences.

PM Careers in Financial Services (Part 3): The Independent Consultant PM

by Todd B. Loeb, PMP

There are really two major career paths to follow in the world of financial services project management--pursue the role of Corporate Project Manager or Consultant Project Manager. For the latter track, it is broken down further into two roles. In this article, we will examine the pros and cons of being an Independent Consultant.

PM Careers in Financial Services (Part 2): The Firm-Based PM Consultant

by Todd B. Loeb, PMP

In order to better evaluate a career in project management consulting, one should first step back and understand the different types of PM consultant roles. In this second installment in a series of three, we discuss the pros and cons of the firm-based project management consultant--and how they can enhance an organization's strategy.

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