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Project Management Lifeline to Success

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

Today’s health care environment has created a series of challenges for hospitals and added a level of pressure and demands to administrators, middle level leaders and front line care givers that can wear out the whole team. Where does one start if they want to keep everyone engaged and mindful of each interaction and touch point they have with patients each and everyday.

Employ a Systematic Approach to Realizing Value from an EHR

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

Provider organizations are challenged with optimizing existing Electronic Health Record systems and realizing the true value from these investments. Projects have an end, whereas optimization is continuous but strategies from project management can be applied to establish core competencies across the organization that determine an organization's maturity in and ability to deliver true value realization. This webinar will outline those core competencies and describe a systematic approach using PMI PMBOK Project Management to realize value.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Patient Medication Tracking Template


Project management skills can also be applied to improve the quality of care when you or your loved ones are a patient. Use this tracking template to help you keep track of patient medications and essential information. For more advice, see < href=>The Patient as a Project Part 1 and Part 2.

Learn From Others

Physician Champion: A Change Leader

by Dr. Deepa Bhide, PMP

Healthcare organizations are facing many challenges and opportunities pertaining to healthcare IT use. These challenges are an initial step toward a bigger transformational opportunity to improve healthcare quality, and make a meaningful impact on revenue and--above all--patient care. Enter the Physician Champion...

Methods to Stop Meeting Madness?

by Dan Furlong

As project managers we are often asked to attend “urgent” meetings on short notice. More times than not, these meetings are poorly run, inadequately attended, stray off topic and include too many topics to manage in the period allotted. Life does not have to be this way.

Women Are Born Project Managers

by Dr. Deepa Bhide, PMP

While preoccupied with a work project that was causing stress, this doctor was able to put things in perspective from a source she wasn't expecting PM advice from: her mother.

Beyond Eliminating Defects: New Frontiers in Quality Management

by Bruce Harpham

"Quality" is one of the most heavily used words in advertising and management. Like any popular concept, quality is in danger of losing its distinct contribution due to overuse. In the world of project management, robust quality management has a vital role to play. Let’s consider a few of the recent advances in the art and science of quality management...

The Patient as a Project: Optimizing Your Healthcare Experience

by Elvina Jeffers, MBA, PMP

As healthcare project managers, you often manage projects that directly impact patients and the quality of their care. Fortunately, project management skills can also be applied to improve the quality of care when you or your loved ones are a patient. Here are some factors to consider when managing the patient as a project.

5 Technology Trends Project Managers Should Know

by Elizabeth Harrin

Technology is revolutionizing how we work--and it’s not just Big Data. Here are the five technology trends that will influence how you manage projects in the years to come.

The Functional Manager’s Role in IT Project Management

by Gordon Swift

In a matrix information technology organization, the functional manager plays a key role in project management and is responsible for critical processes. Success will depend on the functional manager and the project manager cooperating, communicating, and understanding each other’s role. The author provides a case study as a guide to successful interaction.

Can Project Management Save the World?

by Mark Mullaly, PMP

Saving the world is a heavy undertaking. That's probably why many of us leave it to the superheroes of cartoon and screen to take on. Or the men and women of the armed forces, taking on the impossible while wearing blue berets. Whatever your preferred form of superhero, real or imagined, it probably isn't you. But maybe it's time to go get a cape...

Life Or Death: Risk Management in Health Care

by Cindy Waxer

Poor risk management can be fatal to any project. But what happens when properly planning for risk factors really is a matter of life and death? This article examines how the staff at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago moved more than 100 critically ill children from an aging facility to the new Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago.

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