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Coping Strategies for Bullying in Project Management

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Paul Pelletier, LL.B., PMP

This webinar's focus is on providing real solutions for coping and openly identifying the challenges targets face when confronting bullies and the organizations where the bullying is taking place.

Bullying in Project Management: A Global Challenge

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Paul Pelletier, LL.B., PMP

This webinar introduces the issue of workplace bullying and its impact on projects and project managers. Bullying can be as harmful in the workplace and on projects as it is in schools and other areas of society. Projects are subsets of workplaces and since project management is, for the most part, an activity that involves working very closely with others, the impact of a bully in a project is potentially lethal to project success.

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Learn From Others

Translating Human Resources Management into Success

by Jose Parlade

One of the most important traits that a project manager working in the translation industry can have is a skill in dealing with people--the translation industry is at its core highly personal and highly human. This is one reason why a translation project manager should have a good grasp particularly on planning for, obtaining, developing and managing human resources.

Exciting Projects: The Unsung Hero to Attracting Talent

by Bruce Harpham

Recruiting and retaining highly talented professionals is a problem for many companies. Despite economic uncertainty, new companies and products are being launched each day. To keep up, project managers and projects have a key role to play in talent strategy.

Teachable Moments: The Best Person for the Job

by Susan Kennedy, PMP

Teachable moments are formed when you have done something--regardless of the outcome--and learned from the experience. Learning makes us better at what we do and provides a great opportunity to develop others and sharpen skills. We’ve compiled our best Teachable Moments from our community members for you to learn from and share with other project managers. In this installment, we learn how one conversation changed the way a PM thought about project staffing.

What's Your Motivation? How Management Can Motivate Employees

by Mike Donoghue

Even in workplaces where organizations work hard to reduce the mistreatment of employees and decrease abuse of power, there are still a number of methods utilized that apply negative forces to achieve results. Read how three general concepts influence behavior with regard to personal fulfillment.

Business Demands and Project Managers’ Skills: A Quest for the Right Fit

by Enrique Sevilla

This article describes an approach to answer a recurring question from upper level management: Do we have the right people managing our projects? It provides a systematic tool to determine whether there is a good fit between business needs and the project managers’ skill profiles. The resulting action plan may provide the required starting point to improve the efficiency of the project management workforce.

Throughput Yield of Staffing for IDIQ Task Order Contracts

by Mark E. Salesky

Commonly released with little or no advance notice, task order contracts are notoriously difficult to staff. The author’s “Progressive Staffing Implementation” pushes the recruiting process far earlier than the announcement of an individual task order and uses Six Sigma techniques to provide planning guidance for the throughput recruiting needed for successful staffing.

Finding The Competitive Edge: Bucking Mediocrity Amidst Economic Turbulence

by Sarah Fister Gale

No matter their sector or location, organizations face a highly complex business environment that demands innovation and the agility to respond to shifting global priorities. As a result, in today's complex global environment, the organizations that thrive are the ones that value project management. This article reports the results of PMI's 2013 Pulse of the Profession--the annual global benchmark research report for organization project and program management.

The Pigman Principle: Why Rational Leaders Make Irrational Decisions

by James Provis

Six factors: power, ignorance, greed, momentum, appearance, and necessity define the ‘Pigman Principle,’ and often result in irrational decisions being made by otherwise rational leaders. The author explains how to identify which factors influence your project’s sponsors and how to leverage these factors to manage your interactions and communications with sponsors more effectively.

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