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Coping Strategies for Bullying in Project Management

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Paul Pelletier, LL.B., PMP

This webinar's focus is on providing real solutions for coping and openly identifying the challenges targets face when confronting bullies and the organizations where the bullying is taking place.

Bullying in Project Management: A Global Challenge

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Paul Pelletier, LL.B., PMP

This webinar introduces the issue of workplace bullying and its impact on projects and project managers. Bullying can be as harmful in the workplace and on projects as it is in schools and other areas of society. Projects are subsets of workplaces and since project management is, for the most part, an activity that involves working very closely with others, the impact of a bully in a project is potentially lethal to project success.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Timesheet Template

by Rami Kaibni

This timesheet sample template can be used for any organization or project to record the MHRS spent on every activity (and by whom) for cost monitoring purposes and payment purposes for employees.

Sample Job Function Description (Construction)

by Rami Kaibni

This sample template is an example of a completed Job Function Description for a position in the construction industry. You can modify it to apply to other industries/projects/positions. It should be used to write in details on the roles and responsibilities of key team members. It can be used for any project and it is very useful in properly identifying the exact responsibilities required from each key team member.

Project HR Gap Analysis Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Serafin Mitrotti

Does each one of your project team members have what it takes to get the job done? Use this template to assess their current and needed levels of knowledge, competencies and skills to document why, when and by when you plan to bridge the gaps you have identified.

Learn From Others

From Trust to Delegation

by Stacy King

All project managers have physical, mental and emotional limitations. Yet not everyone recognizes that. The net effect is a collective belief system that project managers have no known physical, mental or emotional limitations. This belief can, when not corrected, lead to the self-fulfilling prophecy called burnout. How can we combat this?

Three Strategies to Mitigate Project Team Attrition Risk

by Jhonasttan Regalado

What happens when a project manager faces team attrition? This article covers three strategies that can be applied during project planning, executing and controlling within the project human resources management and project risk management knowledge areas.

The Art of the Estimate

by Stacy King

Early on in the career of a project manager, there are things known, things that are unknown and things that he or she doesn’t know they don’t know. And therein lies the dilemma of estimating. There is no perfect estimate, and this is where the foundational techniques of estimating bridge the existing estimating gap that exists between senior leadership and the project manager.

Building a Global Sensing Network

by Braden Kelley

Most organizations fail to harness all of the skills, abilities and talents of the individuals they have to achieve greater performance as a collective. And that is painful for the organization and the individual. How can we better harness the passions and the talents of our individuals to better achieve the collective’s ability to generate revenue and profits?

Five Strategies for Maintaining Project Team Alignment with Project Scope

by Jhonasttan Regalado

One of the knowledge areas that requires more involvement from the project manager in order to maintain alignment with project scope is project human resource management. The following five strategies are focused in this area, with the goal of providing you with a best-practice approach to help manage project team conflict and drive results-oriented solutions that help maintain alignment with project scope.

Pyramid of Results, Motivation and Ability

by Braden Kelley

When engaging in a change effort, it is important to focus not on outputs but on outcomes. The difference is sometimes subtle for people, but the biggest difference is that outputs are usually activity-based, where outcomes are behavior-based. Here we look at some behavior modification frameworks.

Elevator Pitch for Project Management (Part 2)

by Alain Soulie

Looking for high-impact statements when you only have 30 seconds to demonstrate the value of project management--and present yourself in the best possible light? What would your elevator pitch be? In our concluding installment, we look at examples of a project manager’s value pitch.

Inefficiencies of Overtime Work In Projects

by Fausto Betances, PMP

In the knowledge economy, working extensive hours is sometimes equated to dedication, loyalty and even productivity. But while dedication, motivation and personal drive can carry the day at first, that doesn’t last. Sustained extended hours of work end up diminishing production and discouraging creativity.

Translating Human Resources Management into Success

by Jose Parlade

One of the most important traits that a project manager working in the translation industry can have is a skill in dealing with people--the translation industry is at its core highly personal and highly human. This is one reason why a translation project manager should have a good grasp particularly on planning for, obtaining, developing and managing human resources.

Exciting Projects: The Unsung Hero to Attracting Talent

by Bruce Harpham

Recruiting and retaining highly talented professionals is a problem for many companies. Despite economic uncertainty, new companies and products are being launched each day. To keep up, project managers and projects have a key role to play in talent strategy.

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