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Project Management for the Non-Project Manager

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

The skills required in companies lacking a PMO are; distinguishing between Work and Projects, picking a financially rewarding project, justifying a valid project to upper management, and successfully running the project to completion. This webinar will provide important information for the non-project manager.

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From Technology Adoption to User Adoption: How Technology Has Changed Change Management

May 19, 2015 2:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

We accept technology into our lives without question. We know something new will emerge soon and we know that society expects us to adopt and adapt when the next new thing shows up. We accept it. Often we welcome it. Thanks to technology, we are saturated with change. You’re working on a project that will introduce more change. In fact, your measure of success is user adoption, and if your users don’t accept your change then your project will fail. Technology has shifted our change thresholds for better or worse. As project managers we have to deal with that. We will journey down a slightly different path of change management and user adoption. We’ll explore the impact of technology in shifting change thresholds. While a change management plan focuses on managing changes in such a way as to achieve the best outcome, you’ll learn how to create an adaptability plan, which focuses on the people being impacted by the changes, including individual and group needs required for success.

Project Management for the Non-Project Manager

Apr 21, 2015 1:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

The skills required in companies lacking a PMO are; distinguishing between Work and Projects, picking a financially rewarding project, justifying a valid project to upper management, and successfully running the project to completion. This webinar will provide important information for the non-project manager.

How to implement IT change projects successfully and gain team engagement

Apr 1, 2015 2:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

The technology sector is the fastest changing sector globally. With so many changes succeeding one another in organizations, it is important for project managers to engage people to make the transformation successful. Change already defies people, so it can be a challenge to engage people for transformation projects from start until delivery.

Learn From Others

Challenges in the Cloud

by Michael Wood

Will the cloud soon dominate enterprise computing? Yes...but that time hasn’t arrived just yet as there are still some challenges facing the cloud computing space. From the need for innovation in the area of disaster recovery to finding its next niche, the cloud has some decisions to make...

Role of the 12-Point Maturity-Value-Success Metric in Achieving Corporate Success

by Dr. Erzsebet Lugosi, PMP, CISA, CRISC, ITIL-F

The contribution of a project to corporate success is an essential question. The results of PMI’s 2013 and 2014 Pulse of the Profession In-Depth Reports show clearly that at a high maturity level of project culture, the project value creation is realized in most cases. Employ the 12-point maturity-value-success metric (12-point MVS metric) to keep projects on the right track and increase the probability of delivering project value.

Successful = Sustainable?

by Chi-Pong Wong

Many successful project managers can inadvertently be green at the same time. Why? Good project management practices that succeed in the three key ACE elements are coincidentally sustainable at the same time:

Getting Strategic with Resource Management

by Andy Jordan

There is increasing recognition that resource management needs to occur at a more strategic level. When you manage your resources, do you only consider the project, or do you look at the organization as a whole?

The PMO: Your Partner for Excellence and a Major Change Champion

by Nicolas De Dobbeleer, M.Sc., PMP

The PMO supports the establishment of a project management culture in organizations with low maturity. This article will provide some additional tips on how to position the PMO as a partner to top management to reach its vision of business excellence and help drive change. Implement the five guidelines to deliver higher value and support strategy execution.

The PROMISE of Change

by Kevin Coleman

As organizations begin to implement their near-term change strategies and initiatives are preparing to be launched, early identification of the impact points is essential if we are to get ahead of this challenge. To do that, one method examines the PROMISE of each initiative.

Who’s Managing the Changes in PM?

by Andy Jordan

Project management is changing dramatically. How is that being managed in your organization? Care needs to be taken to ensure that project managers remain motivated and engaged.

Three Testing Factors of Integrity in Project Management and Possible Ways to Manage Them for Success

by Pragatheeswaran Rathinasamy, PMP

A major challenge in project management is to become truly successful by practicing integrity. This article focuses on three key factors that test the integrity of organizations and practitioners—business case for the projects, organization structure and culture, and implications of laws and regulations—to highlight the importance of the roles of people and the system for practicing integrity. The author concludes by proposing useful ways to strengthen project management practices and comply with integrity.

Hot Technologies for 2015

by Michael Wood

Hold on to your hats because there are a lot of hot technologies that are making their way into the IT mainstream during the next few years. For some, many of these technologies do not roll off the tips of their tongues…yet! But these technologies are coming of age, and one of them in particular will have more impact than any of the others…

Generating More Green through Green

by Andy Jordan

Sustainability and green considerations are no longer “nice to haves”, they are critical drivers of organizational success. Here we explore how sustainability is driving organizational strategy and consider how that will increasingly drive changes in the way that projects are executed.

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