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The Marketer's Guide to Mobile Engagement - REBROADCAST

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by adam lavine

Consumers spend more time with their mobile devices than any other form of media. Marketers know mobile engagement is mission-critical to stay relevant, but struggle to execute and often confuse strategy and tactics. In his presentation "The Marketer's Guide to Mobile Engagement", Adam provides a strategic framework to help marketers make sense of mobile.

PMXPO 2015: 10 Ways to Market Your Project

on-demand webinar
by Elizabeth Harrin

How do you communicate project status and raise the profile of your project? This presentation will give you 10 tips for making the people who matter care about your project.

The Communities of Practice are Evolving

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by PMI staff

To make the transition to as easily for everyone as possible, the Marketing and Sales Community of Practice Council members will conduct a brief webinar outlining the changes occurring with the PMI Communities of Practice, the transition to, and how to get the most out of the new community at

Importance of Requirements Definition on Marketing & Sales Budgets

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Philip R. Diab

Projects typically address a problem or opportunity facing the organization. Professionals leading marketing or sales projects must have a solid expertise in leading teams in the process of defining and prioritizing customer wants and needs. Being able to do so successfully ensures that the project will have clarity and trace-ability of its requirements.

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Learn From Others

The PM's Top 5 Strategic Challenges

by Kevin Coleman

We are facing a period of unprecedented change. All of those changes have created new and unique challenges that project and program managers face. It's time we get serious about addressing these strategic challenges; here we present five of the top ones.

Social Media: Where to Next?

by Michael Wood

What might the future look like, you ask? Here are some things to ponder as those wishing to command a greater percentage of our consumer spend are finding ways to “customize our experience" through exploiting the opportunities social media, big data analytics and mobility promise once properly integrated.

Sales Project Management

by Bill Rust

How about managing a sales opportunity as a project? Sales pursuits that require multiple meetings with key stakeholders and involve the deployment of significant resources in order to compete for high-value contracts may be managed effectively by using the principles and techniques of project management.

Successful CRM Implementation

by Jiju (Jay) Nair, PMP

While industry experts agree that not all the ideal benefits can be harvested by a typical CRM solution, organizations should at least target an implementation that sets the foundation for enhancing the customer satisfaction for their products and services in the long haul. So what makes a better CRM implementation?

Less Words, More Pictures

by Michelle Stronach

In a world where key messages are lost in a sea of words, incorporating visual content into project communications can be like sending out a distress flare. This article talks about four ways of using visual content that will grab attention, connect with stakeholders, optimize team creativity and increase corporate awareness of your project.

CRM = Customers Really Matter

by Rob Saxon

Rigor in process around project management is not enough to stay professionally relevant. In fact, the nature of our work is such that process may not need to be our primary focus. One PM shares how certain situations can inform us about when process should be emphasized and when relationships should matter more.

Driving Features through CRM

by Andy Jordan

CRM tools can offer tremendous insight into your customer base and their needs. Are you leveraging that information? For most organizations, there’s a better approach than the status quo--and the information is already at your fingertips.

Why Project Management Begins with CRM

by Andy Jordan

For customer-facing organizations, customer relationship management is more than just a sales tool, it’s project initiation manifested. Here, we look at how organizations can better integrate their sales and delivery processes to the benefit of both sides of the business as well as the customer.

Managing Sales Projects

by Andy Jordan

For many organizations, a sales cycle is a project--but virtually no one manages it that way. Why not? The answer of course is that no one views a sales cycle as a project...and that's a mistake.

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