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Why Good Project Managers Are Making Bad Choices

On Demand Webinar | webinar

Did you miss our January webinar with Lev Virine, Ph.D.? The Requirements Management Community of Practice was pleased to host Dr Lev Virine to help members of our Community understand "Why Good Project Managers Are Making Bad Choices". Most problems with project requirements result from human errors. Do you make bad choices that have detrimental affects on your projects based on your own gut feelings? Most of us would emphatically say "NO!" But are you not? Really? If you missed it, you can watch the recorded webinar by clicking the "Webinars" tab and filtering on "Recorded Webinars".

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System Requirements Specification

PREMIUM deliverable

The System Requirements Specification (SRS) document describes all data, functional and behavioral requirements of the software under production or development.

Strategic Requirements Template


This deliverable aligns with the concepts expressed in the article Strategic Requirements Management. This template should be used in conjunction with a more traditional requirements document to assist in the prioritizing of features and the finalizing of scope elements. It can also support discussions around changes in scope during the project. The cells below provide a basic summary of each column.

Requirements Management Plan


The Requirements Management Plan is primarily used for communications, giving all stakeholders a view on how this process is managed for your project. It completely answers the very common question, "How are you identifying and managing your project requirements?"

Project Impact Analysis on Scope

PREMIUM deliverable

Even a small change can have a huge effect on a project. This impact analysis study will help you measure the effect of a potential change on your project's scope.

Requirements Candidate Summary


This planning guide will help you with the review and selection of project requirements to be included in the current scope. All requirements candidates are captured here, along with some basic information about them. Each candidate is then scored based on a number of different factors. The completed template provides a validation that the requirements ultimately approved are the ones that are the most appropriate for inclusion.

Project HEADWAY Change Request Log

PREMIUM deliverable

The primary purpose of this document is to track the status of change requests that have been created on the project. For smaller projects or projects where the scope is well defined, the log may not be useful. For larger, more complex projects, or for those projects where there is a lot of change, a change request log can be very useful.

Project Scope Statement

PREMIUM deliverable

The project scope statement details your project's deliverables and describes the major objectives, which includes measurable criteria for success. Use this template to document the six essential elements.


Use Cases or User Stories: Where Should Agile Teams Start?

by Kevin Aguanno, PMP, MAPM, IPMA-B, Cert.APM, CSM, CSP

Should an agile team begin with requirements documented as use cases or user stories? Proponents from both sides of the debate make good arguments, leading to confusion for many who are just getting started with agile practices.

Being a Great Sponsor

by Michelle Stronach

Being a sponsor is a role, not a position--and with the role comes responsibility. How do you ensure optimal success for the project? How do you go from being a good sponsor to a great sponsor?

Rules for Surviving a Project Zombie Apocalypse

by Rob Saxon

Project issues and risks, like zombies, move relatively slowly. It’s extremely rare that a project manager will be introduced to a project one day and be overwhelmed by the same failed project the next. Therefore, like survivors of a zombie apocalypse, project managers have time to prepare--and to look for those indications that projects are turning...

From Bad to Worse

by Andy Jordan

Some projects turn bad without warning. On other occasions, you can see the problems coming--yet it seems as though there's nothing you can do to prevent them. Think you're a Super PM who can save the day? Think again...

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