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PMI Scheduling Conference 2016

30 March 2016 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm ET | 6 PDUs | Online

Love project scheduling? Or just want to learn what’s new in the world of project scheduling? Attend the PMI Scheduling Conference – exclusively for PMI Members. Register now to learn the latest in scheduling best practices not available anywhere outside of PMI. We’ll share tips and tools from real-life projects and programs. Plus, since you are a valued PMI Member, your registration is completely FREE.

On-demand Webinars

Creating “Risk-Ready” Project Schedules

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Wesley Gillette

In this session we’ll define what it means for a schedule to be “risk-ready” and identify common schedule checks that can be used to improve schedule quality and risk-readiness.

Establishing Risk-based Schedule and Cost Contingency

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Wesley Gillette

Establishing and managing schedule and cost contingency are integral to project risk management. Yet many organizations still struggle to define and adopt best practices that provide the organization confidence in their contingency setting processes.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Three Weeks Look-Ahead Schedule

PREMIUM deliverable
by Rami Kaibni

Large projects are usually divided into sections, and each section has a section head or manager (acting PM) assigned to it. This template can be used in scheduling/monitoring & controlling. It is an extract of the main schedule and should be prepared by every section manager in order to plan three weeks ahead; they should follow up with all in charge in his or her section to maintain the schedule baseline. This works for all kinds of projects.

Schedule Management Plan

PREMIUM deliverable
by Danilo Uvalin

This document guides the project manager and project team throughout the process of schedule development and helps them to define and control the project schedule baseline. It should assist the team in the creation of a realistic and agreed-upon schedule that will be accepted by the project sponsor and other relevant stakeholders. Also, it should define how the schedule will be controlled and how progress reporting will be done. Once finalized, it becomes a part of the project management plan.

Project Dashboard

by Prakashkumar Natarajan

The Project Dashboard is the summary of the project status. It contains project details, a brief scope, the current phase (status), gating processes plan versus actual, cost analysis (BAC, EAC, ETC, Actual Cost), cash flow forecast/analysis, change order tracking and status, earned value analysis (PV, EV, AC), project schedule status, project hours booking, project highlights/improvements, CPI, SPI, risk costs and HSE safe hours. The template is useful for project managers to track the project progress and report to management about the project status.

Learn From Others

Topic Teasers Vol. 71: Better Estimates

by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP

Question: I have a person on my team who is constantly late with his activities. We’ve spoken, with me using my best managerial techniques, to try to help him understand the impact to the project when he does not finish work as planned. Where do I go from here?
A. When a person consistently does not finish as planned, there is a problem with team estimates. Hold a full team meeting to see what can be done to create more realistic estimates in the future by all team members.
B. You have an employee who obviously has no regard for the other members of the team. Put him on report, and if he misses even one additional deadline, either fire him or ask to have him removed from your team, depending on your power.
C. This person must be doing an acceptable job when he finishes; the issue is just with his estimating skills. Track his work and find a multiplying factor to use when adding his activities to the Work Breakdown Structure.
D. This employee seems to have a communication issue. He cannot clearly state how long it will take him to finish an activity he estimated himself, and he is not communicating to you when he will be late. See if Human Resources has a training class to help him become more articulate.
Pick your answer then Test Your Knowledge!

The Importance of Tasks: Using an Additional Filter of Task Importance for Better PM

by Debasis Roy

Project managers have the daunting task of being able to predict project progress--and then ensuring that what is planned and projected is what is achieved. Rarely does planned schedule and actual progress match, unless unwanted buffer is factored in. Of course, that has its own disadvantages, and leaner projects mean better efficiency. Would viewing the project activities using a separate set of filters provide a better understanding?

Effective Use of Kanban for Monitoring and Controlling Low-Complexity Projects in a High-Volume Project Environment

by M.W. Settlemire, PMP

Kanban is an effective tool for monitoring and controlling high-volume/low-complexity projects when the goal is to increase throughput, limit work in process (WIP), and measure flow in project environments. Implementation of this approach has the ability to reduce the project management team’s level of effort while optimizing resource utilization.

Stop Starting and Start Finishing!

by Jay Martin

The amount of work we take on is just as important as the projects that we select. Taking on too many projects at the same time often results in cascading and systemic project failures and leads to a multitude of organizational and stakeholder dysfunctions. This article discusses some of the pitfalls of taking on too much work and offers a simple, yet elegant, solution.

Introducing Statistical PERT

by William Davis

Isn’t there a no-cost way to create accurate, probabilistic estimates using just Microsoft Excel--without buying any add-in programs, without installing new software and without having to return to college to take a statistics class? Yes, there is: It’s called Statistical PERT.

Capturing Schedule Updates

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

The schedule needs to stay up to date if the project is going to proceed on time and be successful. Keep these tips in mind when developing a strategy for capturing schedule updates to ensure the success of the project.

Start with the Scope

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Projects get started for various different reasons--and with varying levels of understanding. The scope is one of the most important items to settle on as soon as possible at the beginning of the project.

Combating Resource Management Pitfalls

by Angela Bunner

Efficient management of employee resources puts projects on the road to success. On the same token, failing to manage resources properly can lead to project blunders, overtime, budget overflow and other damaging results.

Generating a Useful Construction Activities Work Schedule

by Edwin Rivera Sierra

Construction project planning requires creating detailed construction activities work schedules. Being organized with all your construction documents can minimize missing key information. Learn how to develop a clear and complete schedule, and how it can make a complex project seem a bit easier to handle.

Combining Soft Skills and Hard Tools for Better Software Estimates

by Carol Dekkers

One measure of project success hinges on the ability of the estimator to predict the right schedule and budget, since projects that go over budget or fall behind are deemed failures. This article looks at the factors behind the difficulty of getting good estimates and suggests a combination of psychology (soft skills) and science (robust estimation software) to increase project success rates.

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