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Enabling Organizational Improvement Initiatives

Jul 14, 2016 12:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

Sustainability and the circular economy are fast becoming a reality, impacting all business entities. As a result, the industrial realm has been working hard to improve its historic reputation and change operating and management practices. But, particularly when many sectors continue to experience extended market fluctuations and economic impacts, it can be difficult to engage and sustain momentum on improvement initiatives.

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Leaning the Project Lifecycle

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Karen Chovan

Evidence is showing high rates of natural resource project failure, where stakeholders’ conflicts, regulatory and policy-related challenges, and unfavourable external environments are cited as primary causes. These often stem from environmental performance concerns and legacy issues of past practices. And beyond that, breakdowns in communications, and an incomplete identification of relevant risks and requirements, have been recognized as root causes.

Sustainability Strategy adds Value, Engagement and Power

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Kristina Kohl

Join Kris to learn how Sustainable Strategy adds Value, Engagement and Power. Gain new skills in how to assess your organizational readiness to adopt sustainable strategy including a better understanding of the different stages of the sustainability journey. Join Kris to learn how Sustainable Strategy adds Value, Engagement and Power. Gain new skills in how to assess your organizational readiness to adopt sustainable strategy including a better understanding of the different stages of the sustainability journey. Learn how to engage the Board and the C Suite through demonstrating alignment between sustainable strategy and business value creation.

The New Business Case for the Sustainability Imperative

on-demand webinar
by Bob Willard

An expert on leadership, culture change, and organizational development, Bob Willard distils lessons learned about cultural transformation that are described in his book, The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook. He provides practical guidance on how to embed sustainability into corporate culture, even if you are not the CEO. He outlines a seven-step sustainability change process; seven leadership practices to use throughout the change process; seven paradoxes that enable successful change strategies; and seven derailers to avoid.

Sustainability in Organizations and Institutions - Part 2

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Josh Morfaw

The “Sustainable Development” concept is sweeping across the entire world involving almost all social, economic, cultural, educational and political institutions. It is now unrealistic to think of running a program or project without a plan for its sustainability. The current economic and financial crisis plaguing world economies have a been a litmus on their sustainability and long-term viability of many banks and other financial institutions and this has had some dramatic effects in the implementation of projects sponsored by these financial institutions.

Getting Green Done: An Airline Perspective

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Jacqueline Drumheller

Jacqueline Drumheller, Sustainability Manager at Alaska Airlines, will share her real-life (and somewhat humorous) stories about innovations, learnings, and best practices with regard to initiating and implementing a corporate sustainability program. Her presentation will also include tips and lessons learned for organizations who are interested in publishing their first sustainability report (or those who just want to compare wounds with someone who’s been there).

Three Steps to Sustainability

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Heinz Fabrinsky 

Economic activities may be threatening our environmental and social resources. In the long run these effects are also threatening our economic proseperity which is unsustainable. Changes to sustainabilty can be led by qualified project managers.

Mission Zero: A Global Sustainability Trailblazer

on-demand webinar
by Nadine Gudz

In 1994, global carpet tile manufacturer, Interface was inspired to rethink its purpose as a company and climb "Mount Sustainability." This journey, referred to as "Mission Zero" - Interface's promise to eliminate any negative impact the company might have on the environment by 2020 - drives product design, engagement and all of the company's global operations.

Compass and ISIS Follow-up: Case Studies

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

A September webinar by Roberta Fernandez with the AtKisson Group covered the basic concepts of the Compass framework and ISIS Method (the 'what'). This followup webinar will address the 'who and when' in determining how to use them. These tools can result in better understanding, clearer decisions, a stronger consensus, more well-developed plans, more effective strategies and implementation programs, better measures of progress, and thus, a great deal of real and specific change to make our world more sustainable. ISIS and Compass are not the tools that PLAN or implement the project, but that bring the sustainability conversation front and center in the project’s beginning.

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Blog Insights

Sustainability: The Power of Four-P

by Tom Baker

People, Planet, Profit and Project-management: that is Four-P. You might think of the word Sustainability here, and it will be used, but since the S-word is used in wildly different ways, it's more useful to be precise. 4P is the Triple Bottom Line + PM. What does project management have to do with 4P? Plenty. I'll be targeting topics such as Risk Management, Innovation, Design, Project Internals, PM Direct and Indirect Influence, Reporting and Economics. I want to hear from you about your own 4P-related work and ideas and questions!

Learn From Others

Mining Projects, the Three Cs & Design Thinking (Part 2)

by Karen Chovan

In the last article, we introduced some complexities of mining projects, and thoughts on how those impact the first of “The Three Cs of Success”—coordination. This article will continue to explore complications related to mining, communication and collaboration, and then end with a few suggestions on strategies that might help.

Mining Projects, the Three Cs & Design Thinking (Part 1)

by Karen Chovan

With respect to the mining world, there are additional distinct challenges that impact the success of applying the three Cs (coordination, communication and collaboration), compounding the potential risk of project failure.

The Urgency for Industrial Project Delivery to Evolve

by Karen Chovan

How often have you been approached about integrating sustainability into your projects, designs and systems? If you were asked to do this, would you know where to start? Would you understand how to educate and gain the most traction with your teams? This article highlights the necessity of making positive changes to our PMO guidance, and to integrating sustainability into our practices.

12 Tips for Making Your Project Environmentally Friendly

by Anna Keavney

Global powers, government and business alike are taking climate change seriously like never before. What can we do as project managers to help the environment? Here are 12 practical ways that we can embed green practices into projects.

Broader Requirements for Natural Resource and Energy Projects?

by Karen Chovan

Studies have shown that inappropriate requirements are the leading cause of project failure. And a few categories of requirements are not as well documented--and should be considered when it comes to projects within the natural resources and energy sectors. This article discusses the consideration of said requirements, along with the associated risks and opportunities.

Why Sustainability is Critical for Your Project

Karen Chovan

Evidence is showing an extremely high rate of project failure, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better--particularly on projects that have many stakeholders involved, and those that require environmental assessments. What are we missing, and why aren’t our improvement methods working?

Successful = Sustainable?

by Chi-Pong Wong

Many successful project managers can inadvertently be green at the same time. Why? Good project management practices that succeed in the three key ACE elements are coincidentally sustainable at the same time:

Living in a Material World: An Illuminating Project

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

As an award-winning project, Rio Tinto Alcan’s Jonquière smelting facility exemplified its parent company’s commitment to sustainability in a number of ways. And that commitment began with transparency.

Generating More Green through Green

by Andy Jordan

Sustainability and green considerations are no longer “nice to haves”, they are critical drivers of organizational success. Here we explore how sustainability is driving organizational strategy and consider how that will increasingly drive changes in the way that projects are executed.

The Paperless PM: Is It Even Possible?

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Many, many years ago now, we were promised the paperless office. So what happened to the vision? What happened to the dream? What happened to all that lovely hippie stuff about a paperless society full of tree huggers? In a word: reality.

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