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Voices on Project Management

by Cecilia Wong,Vivek Prakash,Bernadine Douglas,David Wakeman,Kevin Korterud,Peter Tarhanidis,Lynda Bourne,Cyndee Miller,Marian Haus,Mario Trentim,Lung-Hung Chou,Conrado Morlan,Roberto Toledo,Cameron McG

Voices on Project Management offers insights, tips, advice and personal stories from project managers in different regions and industries. The goal is to get you thinking, and spark a discussion. So, if you read something that you agree with - or even disagree with - leave a comment.

Project Management 2.0

by Dave Garrett

New technologies, concepts, and Web 2.0 tools are popping up everywhere. How can you use them to help your project team collaborate, communicate - or just give your project an extra boost? [Contact Dave]

The Money Files

by Elizabeth Harrin

A blog that looks at all aspects of project and program finances from budgets and accounting to getting a pay rise and managing contracts.

PMI Congress Insights

by Jack Duggal,Kristy Tan Neckowicz,Dan Furlong,Saurayan Chaki,Joanna Newman,Marcos Arias,Cameron McGaughy

The Project Management Institute's annual events attract some of the most renowned and esteemed experts in the industry. In this blog, Congress and experienced event presenters past, present and future share their knowledge on a wide range of issues important to project managers.

PM Network

by Dan Goldfischer

PM Network is the award-winning professional magazine published monthly for members of the Project Management Institute. This blog will highlight some of the publication's valuable information and insights, keeping you up to date on industry trends.

empower people, get better outcomes

by Yves Cavarec

This blog is basically about managing change in organizations or change management if you prefer. More precisely, it's about engaging people on projects and changes.

Requirements Management Ruminations

by Sally Elatta,Abdulilah Angaa,Victoria Cupet,Beth Ouellette,Elizabeth Larson,Rich Larson,Mike Frenette,Mary Gorman,Ellen Gottesdiener,Jhansi Vijayarajan,Bobbye Underwood,Cameron McGaughy

A collaborative blog with contributions from members of the PMI Requirements Management Community of Practice and various authors and presenters who have dealt with the topic of requirements management.

Eye on the Workforce

by Joe Wynne

Workforce management is a key part of project success, but project managers often find it difficult to get trustworthy information on what really works. From interpersonal interactions to big workforce issues we'll look the latest research and proven techniques to find the most effective solutions for your projects.

Certification Insider

by Cornelius Fichtner

Helping you earn and maintain your PMI certification. Passing the PMP Exam is tough, but keeping your PMP Certification alive is just as challenging. Preparing for the exam requires an in-depth study of the PMBOK Guide and dedicated study discipline. And once you are PMP certified, then you are required to earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every 3 years to keep your certification alive. Let me help you make this journey easier with tips and tricks on how to prepare for and pass the exam as well as efficiently earning your PDUs once you are certified.

The Business Driven PMO

by David Blumhorst

Stories from the trenches and practical advice on how PMOs can more effectively support, prioritize and fund strategic business initiatives.

Drunken PM

by Dave Prior

Drunken Boxing for Project Managers “The main feature of the drunkard boxing is to hide combative hits in drunkard-like, unsteady movements and actions so as to confuse the opponent. The secret of this style of boxing is maintaining a clear mind while giving a drunken appearance.” Yeah... just like that… but with network diagrams and burndown charts… and a wee bit less vodka.

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