Risk Review Process and Checklist

An important PMO function is the review of project risks using a consistent structured process.  This deliverable template works well as is and can be tailored over time to make it your own.

Use this process and checklist to objectively rate and then manage 17 categories of project risk.  Well over 100 risk factors are reviewed during this process. 

The process itself guides you through:

Preparation for the review
- handling the admiinistrative elements of the review
- understanding where the project is currently relative to plan
- gathering relevant working project documents
- holding an effective briefing for the review team

Reviewing various aspects of project in detail
- Delivery
- Resources
- People
- Capabilities
- Finance
- Legal
- Reputation
- Quality
- Relationship
- Process
- Management
- Client Management
- Technology
- Business Environment
- Asset Management

Required actions and post-review follow-up
- Identify/define prob
lems and solutions
- Conclude review

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