Checklist for Maintaining Leadership in Meetings


Good leaders enhance leadership credibility when they run successful meetings. Broken down into pre-meeting tasks, agenda development worksheet, pre-meeting communication checklist, meeting and post-meeting guidelines, this comprehensive checklist has been designed to help leaders prepare for success.

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Comments (6)

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Very helpful.


I've found it very interesting but let me leave a suggestion.
I know team building is a ground rule for a successful project but in some cultures, saying "Thank you" every time a communicytion starts can be percieved annoying. So, I think everiboy has to act based on people and corporate colture. Once a colleague of mine told me: "You don't have to thank me everytime, just tell me what to do!". Awesome!!


Good for the use. will be helpfull.


Really nice job! This will be helpful. Thanks


Really good, thank you.

this is good for my career. bravo PMI TEAM


"Happiness is good health and a bad memory."

- Ingrid Bergman