Are You an Effective Project Manager? (a quick self assessment)

How effectively do you manage your projects?  Regardless of your score, this 50 point self assessment will help you identify very practical areas to focus on and improve the skills you have.


The assessment covers:

  • Planning skills
  • Management skills 
  • Communication skills
  • Closeout skills


What will you get out of this?

This self assessment will help you identify areas of strength and clarify them in your mind by asking you to provide examples.  It will also help you identify areas to be worked on and force you to think about them in the right context.

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Our PMO team noticed that a few of the rows didn't apply to us, so we changed "I Don't Know" to "N/A" and then modified the calculation to give us a percentage based on the total number of Yes/No responses. Also, the statement in Row 6, Column B isn't consistent with the rest of the checklist in that it is not a question. Also, we are often mentors so one of the things we work to do is encourage others to find critical issues and their solutions, so we make a point of NOT doing it for them. I'm not sure that this is an appropriate item.


To anyone who's thinking about taking this self-assessment: be mindful that the questions asked seem to assume that your organization has a fairly high level of maturity in Project Management. If your company, like mine, barely understands what Project Management is about, then the questions (and their results) are hardly relevant.


Hi Everyone,

A new, completely reworked version of this template has just been uploaded. The focus of the new edition is on practical essential skills. Please let us know what you think.


"Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win."

- Bernadette Devlin