Business Case Planning Checklist

Got a hot idea for a business solution but don't know how to sell it to management? A great business case is the answer, and this list of guidelines covers the gamut of what you need to include in your case. Substantiate your business proposal with real information on ROI, marketplace competition, target customer needs, risks of doing and not doing the project, and success factors and organizational resources needed to support the project.


What will you get out of this?

Completing this checklist will not only help you build a business case, but force you to better understand why you want to take on this particular project.

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That is actually covered in the most recent version. Thank you for the feedback!

missing: check box to ensure that refernce materials are cataloged as a part of the BC... which could be hyperlinks if feasible


"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please."

- Mark Twain