Pre-Development Requirements Checklist

Practice Areas: Business Intelligence, CRM, Knowledge Management

This checklist will help you assess your user and technical requirements for accuracy, completeness and quality.

In terms of accuracy, we often forget various requirement types - categories of requirements  that fall through the cracks and come back to haunt you later. the content checks here are reminders to cross-check the requirements you've documented against a comprehensive list of requirement categories.

In terms of completeness, we often forget bits and pieces of each requirement. For example, perhaps we didn't list all of the inputs that we could have.  The completeness checks here help provide a way to catch small omissions.

Finally, we sometimes forget to stipulate quality levels expected with each requirement.  The quality checks here help remind us of key areas where quality is critical.


What will you get out of this?

Completing this template will help you avoid gaps in requirements that could derail your project downstream. 

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