At-a-Glance Weekly Project Status Report

Status reports keep everyone on the same page. This weekly report is an easy way to report status, issues, and more! It will call to your attention any unresolved issues and action items that might come back later and bite you.

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Comments (35)

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Thanks for sharing.


Nice format, captures all required data in weekly review meetings!!!


Pretty simple and good template for PSR

You may get more details on flagged items as part of your action plan for further review.

Project Status Report - needs to be an summary report only


Pretty basic template, but it needs a lot of upgrades to be relevant to stakeholders. A good foundation.

that's really helpful


It is simple and and of great importance. It is not a matter that print it or not, fill it by hand or not. In any case the idea is great and in many places it can be used by just filling and presenting even in your car when you don't have access to your electronic tools.


Good to use and amend as required.


The template is adequate for a quick review. For detailed examination of Project status ( cost/schedule/risk etc. stajeholder should use other Project document. Thank you.


I'm about to embark on a project from ground up with fuzzy requirements so these templates are good reminders on what to be on the lookup for. Thank you for sharing them!


It is very good !!!!!


Thank you for these useful templates.


Very Helpful!


Thanks for the templates.


Many thanks


Thanks for the Template. Regards.


Kindly help me get a sample of this document. At the moment I have undertaken the PMP Course and in the process of certifying. Just been handed my first Software development job and could really use this document's info for guidance. Thanks in advance


I like the idea. I think I will try to adapt it to an Excel Dashboard, that can be distributed to the appropriate stakeholders in PDF format for a quick visual representation of the projects' status. has several PM related Excel dashboard templates if anyone is interested.


Great...very practical!!

It's usefull


Great Effort Appreciated , Thanks for sharing

Regards Ahmed


Good format. I like it. Would be a good idea from Scott too that need to be included.


Nice formatting... It is good also if we could have project EVM information on the report.


Thank you for all the well designed templates will be very useful in the application project. Congratulations to all staff involved.


If the project has any technology aspect, it will need a TESTING phase. Should be added to the form. just ask our friends doing the Health Care site!


I find it good


Thank you very much Kevin - we've now added fields for budget status as well.


I use something similar to this only in PowerPoint, I could typically brief 40 or so projects to the client. I think the only thing missing is information about the budget...I think it is important is your project is on budget or not.


Good point Ron - thank you. We added a place for that (not an actual description, because that will vary) in today's update.


I think that you also need to define what "In trouble" means -- is it greater than 50% chance of slipping on schedule or cost? Or what?

very impress by the quality of detail information required in the weekly report template it capture 90% of site activities thanks for the share.



The templates are very useful and they can be used for various projects and be customized for organizational needs. its project management made easy -


Thank you for all the excellent template designs - very useful and these templates can be customised to suit the project \organisation in question, it removes all the hard work in the first instance of having to design a template - a big help to us PM's.



good 'till now

I would work better in Excel instead of Word.

I like the idea... but in today's environment, I don't think it's practical to build a template that needs to printed and then handwritten on - in order to complete. In order for the tool to be effective, I, as a PM - need my team to be able to fill it out all electronically.

- The 'Circle Project Status' area needs to be revised so that at the very least it looks decent when you draw a box around one of the choices.

- The 'Current Life Cycle Phase (check one):' area should have Word Check boxes.

- Same thing with the Project Documentation, Resources, Materials & Equipment sections - they shold all have Check boxes. should probabably have some one try to fill these things out - using templates with real info on-line can easily determine cumbersome areas. Did you test it?!


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