Project Management Process Improvement Project Initiation Report

Format: Plan

Your IT Process Improvement project will be a bear of a job, no doubt about it. But it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Help is at hand. Use this template to document ALL the details, and we do mean all. Our template plan includes an introduction and executive summary, as well as sections on project overview, project justification, project plan, project organization, project budget, risk assessment and standards. We've left nothing out!

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Hi mooeen -

Many of the templates are free, however, you must be logged in to access. Any template that has "premium" access label does require a paid subscription. For more info on membership levels, use this link:

I been told my friend that most of the templates are free. is that true?
Tying to download below one but not getting any luck.
Project Management Process Improvement Project Initiation Report


Its Awesome, the doc helped me a lot. Thank You for not making it premium.


Very useful and thoughtful document. When I have assessed 'As Is' process maturity in project management (to identify your current status and define your baseline) - I also define the 'To be' process maturity level required (for step 1, and identify any subsequent steps if known / required). I would also benchmarking your current PMO process maturity capabilility against a recognised process capability maturity model (CMMI).
I would also consider including what methodology you are working against (PRINCE2, PMBOK etc) for project managment processes. Being a PMO bod! - I would also add a PMO analyst / consultant to your implementation team.


Very thorough, and well laid out. A great job aid.


This appear to be exaclty what I want. However, a good review is going to take a couple weeks including some trial use. I will do that. I suggest gantthead change their process toa llow this soak time.


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