Communication Plan

Format: Plan

Ongoing communication is an essential ingredient to any project. Use this matrix to schedule and assign communication responsibilities. Specify the audience, project topic, delivery date, delivery mechanism, sensitive issues, presenter/communicator, documentation source and expected result.

The template is prepopulated with examples that you can replace with your project-specific actions.


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Nicely drafted Communication matrix.
Many Thanks for sharing


thanks good tool


The template I downloaded did not have "situation" in column A. Not sure if this is an error or not...



Excellent ,
Thanks for valuable template


Thanks for sharing. Regards.


Thanks for sharing;Good and useful template, It has all required basic fields.


Thank you. Excellent piece.


Good and useful template, It has all required basic fields.


Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the tool! This could be used as reference for future project.




Good tool.

The examples help to understand better the whole conception behind it.

I would suggest to include comments on the top collumns descriptions explaining a little more how to fullfil each one of those.

Nice job!



I am going to use this on an upcoming project.

A good reference for me! Great!


Undoubtedly, among the best templates deliberes to the community! Thanks a lot!!!

I want to give everyone in my project a greater understanding of it to increase chances of success of the project.


very good


Good one!


EXCELLENT........very useful for my team


This is helpful

Very helpful indeed

Helpful template, thanks! :)

Perfect, thank you!



Will be referring this as a base to generate a document for Communication Plan.


Thanks, Man. Your contributions on the template is of great help.




Pretty good.
Since the situation varies with every project I would consider adding a column on the left for the project event or issue that is causing the need to communicate in the first place. That then rolls over into the sensitivities or the point you want to get across. You may find that you need different messages and media, even on the same subject, for two different groups to accommodate differing perspectives.


Good template - thanks - I think its a very comprehensive and considered comms plan. I love the elevator conversation - it is absolutely true that you need to cover that base as a priority. I also like that you have considered communicating and mentoring business leaders - the project team - on the functions of the PMO. And you are using so many mediums.

Effective Integrated Communication Plans are much more than just a tactical level spread sheet.

Effective Marcom plans are the confluence of substantial research and shrewd PLANNING and decision-making.
A MarCom plan should include these basics.

1. Mission
2. Communication Objectives
Explain what you are trying to achieve (usually over the next year) All objectives must be specific and measurable. Note: Objectives are not goals! Goals are broad, intangible, and cannot be validated objectively. Objectives, however, are precise, tangible, and can be objectively validated.

3. Target Audiences defined and the objectives for each

4. Marketing Communications Integration Strategies

5. Strategic Message Development. Brand Strategy across the communication process.


Which elements in the available marketing/Communication mix are most appropriate? These are the specific media you will utilize, the public relations activities you will develop, the direct mail programs you will create, the web presence you will have, the collateral materials you will produce, the publicity events you will hold, and the channels you will explore to accomplish objectives.

Need to send fully controlled messages to your target audiences through these activities and materials that are appropriate for the company as a whole. A failure to do this will result in a campaign that is not integrated and that sends mixed messages to the customer.

7. Logistics
This is the down and dirty implementation and execution of the tactics. How will we do it? How will these vehicles be made available or distibuted. What are the technical requirements?

8. Metrics
9. Budget
10. Timeline

Best Thing ..Thanks !!

This is of real help. I was looking for such a template.

- Ashok

Very useful. This site is really good. - Nagesh

A good reference for me! Great!

FYI: Maybe it is my system, maybe not, the file kept downloading as a HTML, I experimented and discovered it is a XLS file.

EXCELLENT ... just what I was looking for. I really find this site to be a valuable resource. Thank you


Yes! Great communication matrix. Any information on strategic communication plans with description of stakeholders, project timelines, messages and media?

I'm going to use this tool to discover if our project managers, directors and their execs are communicating to non-essential people, to much info overload, cross over delivery of info, and to see if there are teams not being communicated on. Nice template.


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