Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet

Format: Evaluation Assessment / Specifications/Procedures

Keeping stakeholders satisfied can be elusive, especially if you haven't taken the time and effort to correctly identify who they are, what is important to them, and how active they are in your project. Once you get all that figured out, you can manage expectations and produce the results that will make you a project management rock star in their eyes.

This document give specific instruction and guidance, plus a simple rating system to identify stakeholders and their interests, importance and influence. From there, we'll help you build a meaningful strategy for meeting stakeholders needs in a way that makes sense for your particular project.

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Thanks for sharing


This is a wonderful template; it presents quite clearly a number of common perception gaps we have found as we try to improve coordinition between IT and business offices. Thanks for sharing.


"Marta was watching the football game with me when she said, 'You know, most of these sports are based on the idea of one group protecting its territory from invasion by another group.' 'Yeah,' I said, trying not to laugh. Girls are funny."

- Jack Handey