Project HEADWAY Project Team Status Report

By Interthink

Format: Report

The audience for this template is:
  • Project Manager
  • Team Lead
The following are some hints and tips to consider when using this template:
  • Ensure Understanding. Take the time to walk each team lead through the status report to ensure they understand what your require from them and why. Don’t assume they know the rationale behind the report.
  • Status Report Not Complete? Follow-up with a team lead who does not provide all the information you requested or if the information is incomplete. Set your expectations early in the project. The more you let it slide, the less likely you will receive complete reports in the future. 
  • Using the Correct Schedule? Ensure each team lead is using the correct version of the schedule. As activities move around with each schedule change, the activity ID #’s will change. If a team lead is looking at an outdated version of the schedule, it is going to make your job understanding their status report that much more difficult.

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