Project & Stakeholder Expectations Analysis Worksheets


Format: Evaluation Form

This workbook consists of several inter-related sheets:

  • The Project level worksheet is designed to provide a summary of stakeholder needs and expectations,
  • The stakeholder level worksheet provides specifics related to the expectations of each stakeholder and the criteria for successfully managing the relationship during and after the project is completed.
  • The dimensions worksheet helps you prioritize stakeholder needs and understand them a bit better.
  • The Possibilities sheet maps value to strategies, giving you a way forward.

Together these should serve as a starting point and are meant to be tailored by the PM as needed.  The goal of the worksheets is to provide the criteria for developing a Project Service Level Agreement for the overall project and for specific stakeholders as needed.


What will I get out of this?

Completing these worksheets will give you a complete view of stakeholder expectations and a plan for effectively dealing with each of them.

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Comments (7)

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I echo what others have said above. This needs some directions/feedback/examples to be useful.

There appears to be missing data in this download.


HI Hans - I'll ask Michael to take a look at it. Thank you for your comments.


I do feel it a pity it is presented in the same way as half a year ago. The comments of September still apply, see also he comment of Jerry and Jeff.

Michael I do feel a missed opportunity


Looks useful. However, it needs some instructions to go with it, including a worked example.


Hi Michael,

Interesting template. I'd love to see a worked example, or additional instruction as indicated by Hans.

Thanks for sharing.



Great stuff. I think it would even improve if you would explain in the overview what you mean by the various terms used. Most likely obvious for you but for others there is room left for interpretation, e.g. embrace strategy, need/want/expect. The same applies for the numbers, assuming it indicates the importance of the stakeholder. Finally I would suggest to explain the possibilities matrix and what they figures means.

Hopes this adds to the usability of the tool since I do think it has all the necesarry information identified


"Conventional people are roused to fury by departure from convention, largely because they regard such departure as a criticism of themselves."

- Bertrand Russell