Project Management Roles and Responsibilities

Format: Specifications/Procedures

A PMO, Project Managers and Mentors must all act in concert to ensure that projects are executed efficiently and effectively.  


What will I get out of this?

Completing these planning forms will likely uncover areas of responsibility that you had not previously considered and create clarity around each position. This shared understanding of responsibility will help you manage things more professionally and avoid conflict downstream. 

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Although it looks summary one and missing some basic elements, I found it very helpful


Very good.
Thank you !


Thank you.


Good to start with Probably



very good


Really nice!

very good


Agree with the above comments, incomplete and aboriginal


The Project Management Roles and responsibilities looks like a cut and paste from PMBOK. Un-original, and not very informative at that.


Team Leader would be really useful. I'd include things like: Maintaining the daily "drum-beat" with the team; making sure the right process details are used; ensuring the nominated team member is doing their bit on time/ on cost/ on quality; lining up the next task or two for each member of the team; prompting the resource manager & PM about enaging/ releasing team-members; ...

ie PM & TL work hand in hand on the planning, with the PL looking outwards at teh Customer/ SMT etc and the Team Lead looking inwards at the team and the tasks.

Any other thoughts out there? ...


This is incomplete.... This should also cover the r&r of team lead, developer, designer/architect, tech lead, CLIENT SPOC, Test lead etc etc...


"Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?"

- Groucho Marx