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Wondering if anyone has a job description for a CPO they would be willing to share?  Gail Okoh  Sep 30, '16 7:33 AM 
Can the evolution of self-managed, self-motivated, disciplined team in an agile environment make the role of a project manager obsolete?  Jaydeep Parab  Sep 30, '16 7:27 AM 
Some PDUs not showing up on PMI - Why?  Tom Morris  Sep 30, '16 5:08 AM 
Why do some webinars require PDUs to be self-reported?  Daniel Krompholz  Sep 30, '16 2:09 AM 
Importance of Analysis  Muhammad Imran Sharif  Sep 29, '16 6:24 PM 
If you want to hire a project manager, how much of emphasis will you place on her industry / domain knowledge?  thanala vish  Sep 29, '16 6:19 PM 
The Construction Extension to the PMBOK Guide 3rd Edition has just been launched. Do you think it is a useful tool?  Fabio Pereira Teixeira de Melo  Sep 29, '16 4:28 PM 
After PMP, which is the next best certification, to getting you closer to the peak of the financial earnings pyramid  Stanley Oranika  Sep 29, '16 4:24 PM 
Outside of, what resources should new practitioners be plugged into for prof dev?  Daniel Krompholz  Sep 29, '16 3:14 PM 
Guys, I want some thoughts on how one would manage a blockchain project. Not that I have one on hand, however I feel it will broaden our perspective on managing projects that are disruptive from tech  thanala vish  Sep 29, '16 12:55 PM 
What's the difference between Quality, Quality Management and Quality Management System  George Lewis  Sep 29, '16 12:29 PM 
What local PMI chapter events are the most rewarding to attend?  Daniel Krompholz  Sep 29, '16 12:29 PM 
Implementing governance framework in construction firm  Khaled Al Kolfat  Sep 29, '16 12:06 PM 
What do you think about having a public profile for users?  Daniel Krompholz  Sep 29, '16 9:47 AM 
What are the best ways to influence an organization to allow their employees to work remotely?  Daniel Krompholz  Sep 29, '16 9:33 AM 
Advantages of implementing integrated risk management  Muhammad Imran Sharif  Sep 29, '16 7:51 AM 
Impact of integrated risk management   Muhammad Imran Sharif  Sep 29, '16 7:49 AM 
Structure of integrated risk management  Muhammad Imran Sharif  Sep 29, '16 7:46 AM 
How to integrate risk management into the management system?  Muhammad Imran Sharif  Sep 29, '16 7:43 AM 
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