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PDUs on ProjectManagement.com

PDUs on ProjectManagement.com

As part of our mission to make project managers more successful, we’re out to make getting and keeping your PMP certification a little bit easier. One way to do this is by presenting PDU "qualifying activities" to stream right to your screen. It’s entertaining, engaging, educational and, best of all, easy. As of March 1, 2011, the PDU categories have changed a bit, so we want to keep you updated on the latest and most accurate information.

Here’s what you do to get PDUs on ProjectManagement.com:


  1. Find a "qualifying activity"

    Category A PDUs (PMXPO, Headway Webinars, gHU, Other Courses)
    (note: This was formerly Category 3)
    As a PMI Registered Education Provider (REP) ProjectManagement.com also PMI-registered courses for Category A PDUs. These will be identified as REP courses, and we’ll provide the REP code and Course code on your ProjectManagement.com PDU report and in the course materials. There is no limit to number of Category A PDUs you can claim, so get cracking!

  2. Category C PDU (ProjectManagement.com videos, Sponsored Webinars)
    (note: This was formerly Category 2 SDL)

    ProjectManagement.com has a series of videos available for Category C (self-directed learning) PDUs. This is a really easy way to keep your certification up to date. You can claim up to 30 PDUs a year in this category. (The limit is 15 for PMI-SP and PMI-RMP credential holders.) That gets you well on your way to the number you need for maintaining your PMP status. We have lots of videos to choose from, with interviews and presentations from PM thought leaders, and we’ll be adding more entertaining and engaging online learning opportunities soon, so keep checking back.
  3. Watch, learn, enjoy
    That’s easy enough, right? Our goal is to provide videos that will keep your attention and give you a deeper understanding of PM principals and strategies.
  4. Claim your PDUs
    To claim PDUs, you’ll need a record of which videos you’ve watched, when you watched them, and how long you spent watching them. Here’s where ProjectManagement.com comes in to make your life easier, again. Go to your ProjectManagement.com account, and under "PDUs Awarded" you’ll find just such a record.

    Then you need to complete an Activity Reporting Form from PMI, which you can find in their Certificant User Guide or on their online certification system.

    When you get to the end of the PDU Activity Reporting Form and you see this:

    … just enter the information from your ProjectManagement.com report, print off the form and mail it in to PMI. You can also report your PDU activity online at PMI's Continuing Certification Requirement System.
  5. Keep a record
    Be sure to print out a copy of the record and keep it with a copy of your Activity Reporting Form.
  6. Consult the Certificant User Guide or contact PMI.org for any other questions you might have about PDUs and certification.
For your convenience, here's the newest PDU Category Structure and Policies.


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