Presenting Your Business Case to Management


Before you can begin to plan the logistics of any project, you’ll need to justify the project with a sound, savvy, persuasive business case and get it approved by the organization’s executive decision-makers. The business case should be a report accompanied by a well-crafted, well-rehearsed presentation that reaches a busy, important audience with the right amount of the right information. It is a strategic marketing entity in a tight package that must be backed up with well-researched facts and figures that speak directly to the needs, goals and problem-solving missions of the business. Make sure the presentation is eye-catching, tight, brief and made up of direct information that speaks the no-nonsense language of the executive audience (i.e., quantifiable benefits, dollars, measurable solutions to business problems and direct means to strategic goals). Here is a guide to help you develop that winning business case presentation.

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Thanks a lot. It reminds me of a few basic principles.


Thanks, useful and meaningful


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