Project HEADWAY: Effectively Estimating Effort

Your sponsor comes to you and asks how long your project will take and how many people you will need. You quickly grab your papers and your calculator, pull your basic numbers together, add some on-the-fly padding and voila!, your project schedule is built. However, these initial, very preliminary numbers quickly become final numbers in your sponsor's eyes. In the end, the project takes longer and requires more people than you initially thought. Your sponsor isn't happy and you are left holding the bag.

However, with a little more effort, you can provide effort estimates that you feel are much more accurate and can stand behind with a reasonable level of confidence. This Project HEADWAY webinar entitled "Effectively Estimating Effort" will examine the different types of estimating, the key factors to consider when developing effort estimates, and some different tools & techniques you can use to ensure your estimates are more than pure fantasy.

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