Project HEADWAY: Megaprojects: How Different are They, and What Lessons Do They Offer the Rest of Us?


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Mega-projects aren't like normal projects. Or are they?

Generally massive in scale, mega-projects are generally accepted to be those that have a cost of a billion dollars or more, and that have a large impact in terms of visibility, consequence and impact. Often, the term is most visibly associated with public large-scale infrastructure projects: dams, bridges, buildings. But they equally have a home in the private sector, with organizations developing facilities and infrastructure when they believe that they have the infrastructure to support it.

What do the management practices of mega-projects actually look like? How do these differ from the practices of normal projects? How do the results of mega-projects differ? And what insights might be useful and relevant managing the projects that the rest of us get involved with? In this presentation, Mark Mullaly explores the processes by which mega-projects are managed, and the degree to which they relate (and differ) from what might be viewed as traditional project management practices. He evaluates the track record of mega-project techniques in delivering projects successfully. And he explores the lessons learned and insights gained from actual mega-projects, and how these can be related (or adapted) to our own practices and projects. Join us for what promises to be a really big (and very useful) presentation.

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