Project HEADWAY: Revisiting Portfolio Management: Making it Relevant, Making it Valued


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Portfolio management is a concept that has been around for some time, now. It’s a conceptually appealing one: think about your projects at an organizational level, evaluate and prioritize what is most important and actively monitor the project work being undertaken in the portfolio to ensure that you deliver optimal value to the organization.

It’s an appealing idea, and logical concept. So why does portfolio management so seldom work the way it is supposed to? What is getting in the way? And what might be done about it to make portfolio management more relevant in actual, practical application?

Join Mark Mullaly as he explores the challenges and potential benefits that a portfolio management implementation can provide. This webinar will explore the challenges that exist at each stage of the portfolio management process, and suggest strategies to address them. It will also consider some of the larger organizational challenges that are associated with implementing a portfolio management approach. Lastly, it will provide some survival strategies for those facing the need for better portfolio decisions in environments where portfolio is a dirty word.

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- Bernadette Devlin