Stage STA00                                              - Technical Analysis & DesignSTA00 Technical Analysis & Design Stage SDM00                                              - Data MigrationSDM00 Data Migration

Stage SCF00 - Configuration

Step 0100 - Set Up Development Environment
Step 0200 - Initiate Configuration
Step 0300 - Implement Database Extensions
Step 0400 - Set Up Static Data
Step 0500 - Customize Siebel Business Objects
Step 0600 - Customize Siebel Presentation Objects
Step 0700 - Create Siebel Visual Basic Scripts
Step 0800 - Conduct Quality Review
Step 900 - Evaluate Release Modification Requests
Step 1000 - Prepare for Deployment
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ObjectiveTo- configure the system and deliver functional increments on a timely basis according to the iterative Release Strategy- Establish plans for user and operational training, infrastructure support, and deploymentOverviewDuring the Configuration stage, the custom Siebel Enterprise Application...

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Process Flow



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