Stage STS00                                              - TestingSTS00 Testing Stage SUT00                                              - User TrainingSUT00 User Training

Stage SDP00 - Deployment

Step 0100 - Set Up Production Environment
Step 0200 - Prepare Production Server
Step 0300 - Roll Out Release
Step 0400 - Prepare for Next Release
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ObjectiveTo- deploy the configured Siebel system to usersin a way that- addresses user enrollment, support and training as well as ensuring users a functional application- invites and incorporates user feedback into follow-on release plansso that- the Siebel system can be positioned to ensure ongoin...

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"Nearly every great advance in science arises from a crisis in the old theory, through an endeavor to find a way out of the difficulties created. We must examine old ideas, old theories, although they belong to the past, for this is the only way to understand the importance of the new ones and the extent of their validity."

- Albert Einstein