Stage PMC                                                - Control ProjectPMC Control Project Stage IEO                                                - Outline Business Area AnalysisIEO Outline Business Area Analysis

Stage IEI - Information Strategy Planning

Step 0100 - Analyze Business Strategy
Step 0200 - Analyze Information Management Organization
Step 0300 - Analyze Current Technical Environment
Step 0400 - Define Initial Information Architecture
Step 0500 - Analyze Current and Planned Systems
Step 0600 - Determine Information Needs and Priorities
Step 0700 - Define Information Architecture
Step 0800 - Define Business Systems Architecture
Step 0900 - Define Technical Architecture
Step 1000 - Define Future Information Management Organization
Step 1100 - Define Strategies and Plans
Step 1200 - Agree on Information Strategy
Process Flow
Templates for this Process
Templates for this Stage


The fundamental objective of Information Strategy Planning (ISP) is to develop a plan for implementing business systems to support business needs.The objectives of the Information Strategy Planning stage are to:- Establish an information strategy based on an evaluation of the business strategy- Esta...

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Process Flow



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