Stage IEO                                                - Outline Business Area AnalysisIEO Outline Business Area Analysis Stage IEB                                                - Business System DesignIEB Business System Design

Stage IED - Detailed Business Area Analysis

Step 0100 - Analyze Entity Type Life Cycles
Step 0200 - Analyze Process Logic
Step 0300 - Analyze Entity Type Rules
Step 0400 - Analyze Current Systems Procedures
Step 0500 - Analyze Current Systems Data
Step 0600 - Analyze Current Systems Problems
Step 0700 - Compare Business Model with Current Systems
Step 0800 - Confirm Detailed Business Model Correctness
Step 0900 - Verify Detailed Business Model with Users
Step 1000 - Review Design Area Plan
Process Flow
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Templates for this Stage


During the course of Detailed Business Area Analysis, the scope of the project is constantly refined. Detail is added only where there is a clear requirement for it from users. The level of detail should be enough to evaluate the entire business area. A single business area may foster several bus...

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Process Flow



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