Stage IED                                                - Detailed Business Area AnalysisIED Detailed Business Area Analysis Stage IET                                                - Technical DesignIET Technical Design

Stage IEB - Business System Design

Step 0100 - Define Procedures
Step 0200 - Design System Structure
Step 0300 - Summarize Entity Relationship Model Usage
Step 0400 - Design User Codes
Step 0500 - Prepare Preliminary Data Structure
Step 0600 - Design for Transition
Step 0700 - Define Data and Procedure Interactions
Step 0800 - Define Dialog Procedures
Step 0900 - Design Layouts
Step 1000 - Prototype System Behavior
Step 1100 - Define Procedure Actions
Step 1200 - Check Design Completeness
Step 1300 - Check Design Correctness
Step 1400 - Plan for Technical Design
Process Flow
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A Business Area Analysis (BAA) project analyzes one of the business areas identified during the Information Strategy Planning (ISP) stage of Information Engineering (IE), and identifies the information and processes required to perform an area of the organization's activities. The BAA project's maj...

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Process Flow



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