Stage IEB                                                - Business System DesignIEB Business System Design Stage IEC                                                - ConstructionIEC Construction

Stage IET - Technical Design

Step 0100 - Define Technical Context and Requirements
Step 0200 - Design Data Structures
Step 0300 - Define Programs and Modules
Step 0400 - Design Programs and Modules
Step 0500 - Define Integration Groups
Step 0600 - Define Integration Test Requirements
Step 0700 - Finalize Design for Transition
Step 0800 - Design Operations Procedures
Step 0900 - Assess Performance
Step 1000 - Design System and Acceptance Tests
Step 1100 - Plan Construction and Transition Stages
Process Flow
Templates for this Process
Templates for this Stage


A Technical Design (TD) project aims to define efficient system and database structures for an implementation area. These structures are based on the design of a business system developed by a Business System Design (BSD) project.The objectives of the Technical Design stage are to:- Specify the dat...

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Process Flow



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