Stage IET                                                - Technical DesignIET Technical Design Stage TRN                                                - TransitionTRN Transition

Stage IEC - Construction

Step 0100 - Construct Computing Environment
Step 0200 - Construct Database
Step 0300 - Prepare Development Procedures and Conventions
Step 0400 - Generate Modules
Step 0500 - Generate Test Data and System Documents
Step 0600 - Prepare for Transition
Step 0700 - Perform Integration Tests
Step 0800 - Perform System Tests
Step 0900 - Perform Acceptance Tests
Process Flow
Templates for this Process
Templates for this Stage


The objective of the Construction stage is to produce a system, as defined in the technical specification, on time and within budget. The system should be of an acceptable quality, and contain all necessary operating and user procedures. The task is complete when the acceptance criteria for the bu...

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Process Flow



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