Stage BPE                                                - Perform Enterprise Engineering AssessmentBPE Perform Enterprise Engineering Assessment Stage BPB                                                - Position Business ReengineeringBPB Position Business Reengineering

Stage BPS - Perform Strategic Visioning

Step 0100 - Position Strategic Visioning
Step 0200 - Create the Vision
Step 0300 - Build the Business Strategy
Step 0400 - Build the Enterprise Infrastructure Strategy
Step 0500 - Build the Technology Strategy
Step 0600 - Build the Technology Infrastructure Strategy
Step 0700 - Develop Enterprise Vision
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Templates for this Stage


The objective of this stage is to develop the strategic vision which will carry the Enterprise into the future. Strategic visioning is an on-going, long term change process within Enterprise Engineering that executive management employs to create a new, dynamic and all-encompassing direction for th...

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Process Flow



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