Stage BPB                                                - Position Business ReengineeringBPB Position Business Reengineering Stage BRV                                                - Reengineer Value StreamBRV Reengineer Value Stream

Stage BAC - Assess Current Value Stream

Step 0100 - Develop Value Stream Profiles
Step 0200 - Document Current Work Processes
Step 0300 - Survey Employees
Step 0400 - Identify Customer Needs
Step 0500 - Survey the Marketplace
Step 0600 - Determine Customer Satisfiers
Step 0700 - Confirm Assessment
Step 0800 - Assess Readiness for Change
Step 0900 - Assess the Current Physical Environment
Process Flow
Templates for this Process
Templates for this Stage


The objective of this stage is to evaluate the current way of conducting business, to determine the customer’s perception of the business by identifying problems and needs and identifying those satisfiers that will meet the customer’s needs. An examination of the current value stream is necessary b...

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Process Flow



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