Stage BAC                                                - Assess Current Value StreamBAC Assess Current Value Stream Stage BPI                                                - Pilot Selected BRE SolutionsBPI Pilot Selected BRE Solutions

Stage BRV - Reengineer Value Stream

Step 0100 - Conduct Benchmark
Step 0200 - Explore Breakthrough Concepts
Step 0300 - Add Benchmark Value
Step 0400 - Engineer New Processes
Step 0500 - Assess Impact of Breakthrough
Step 0600 - Determine Implementation Strategy
Step 0700 - Reengineer the Organization
Step 0800 - Reengineer the Social Systems
Step 0900 - Reengineer the Physical Environment
Step 1000 - Plan Facility Preparation
Process Flow
Templates for this Process
Templates for this Stage


The objective of this stage is to reinvent the value stream in a manner which both meets customer needs and improves enterprise operations. It is essential that both of these aspects - customer satisfaction and operational efficiency and effectiveness - are considered in reengineering, as they are ...

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Process Flow



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