Stage DED                                                - DAD Establish Development StrategyDED DAD Establish Development Strategy Stage DDS                                                - DAD DesignDDS DAD Design

Stage DBO - DAD Business Object Analysis

Step 0100 - Define and Scope Software Increment
Step 0200 - Document Specification Concept View
Step 0300 - Document Specification Behavior View
Step 0400 - Develop Use Case Model
Step 0500 - Produce Specification Model
Step 0600 - Analyze Object Interaction
Step 0700 - Analyze Usage
Step 0800 - Develop/Review Low Fidelity Prototype
Step 0900 - Review and Iterate on Specification Model
Step 1000 - Analyze Existing System Interfaces
Step 1100 - Define Packages
Step 1200 - Perform Preliminary Design Review
Process Flow
Templates for this Process
Templates for this Stage


Business Object Analysis begins after decisions have been made about software increments. Thus the analysis will be performed only in the context of the software increment to be built. A domain model should exist at this point, which becomes the starting point of the analysis. If it does not exist, ...

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Process Flow



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