Stage DBO                                                - DAD Business Object AnalysisDBO DAD Business Object Analysis Stage DCO                                                - DAD ConstructionDCO DAD Construction

Stage DDS - DAD Design

Step 0100 - Assess Architecture
Step 0200 - Model Business Tasks
Step 0300 - Identify Operations and Services
Step 0400 - Develop High Fidelity Prototype
Step 0500 - Create Implementation Model
Step 0600 - Evaluate Application Framework Architecture
Step 0700 - Design Presentation (User Interface) Layer
Step 0800 - Design Business Object (Processing) Layer
Step 0900 - Design Persistent Object Layer
Step 1000 - Design Data Access Layer
Step 1100 - Design Application Services
Step 1200 - Design Interfaces
Step 1300 - Verify System Design
Step 1400 - Perform Critical Design Review (CDR)
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In the Design stage, you design the complete distributed application. The principle design model is the Implementation Model, which is derived from the Specification Model developed during Analysis. In addition to designing the Implementation Model, you must also conduct the following design-relat...

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Process Flow



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